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Announcement on the change of Sichuan Ferroalloy Industry Association
Jul 9,2019 15:45CST
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The Sichuan Ferroalloy (Industrial Silicon) Industry Association held its fifth general meeting in Jinkouhe District of Leshan City on June 28, 2019. The meeting elected the Fifth Association team in accordance with the Constitution of the Association, which is hereby announced as follows.

President: Fei Zhijun, Chairman of Sichuan Leshan Xinhe Electric Power Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President: Chen Huaiyi, Chairman of Sichuan Tianquan Changhe Metallurgical Co., Ltd. Vice President 9: Chen Derong: chairman of Xide Yongsheng Investment Industry Co., Ltd. Zhu Qiming: deputy General Manager of Sichuan Mingda Group Industrial Co., Ltd. Du Zhimin: general Manager, Assistant Alloy Division, Chairman of Yihui Group Co., Ltd. Zhou Xiaodong: chairman of Fuying Metallurgical Development Co., Ltd., Yingjing County, Sichuan Province. Gong Yuan: general Manager of Aba Xilong Industrial Silicon Co., Ltd. Ni Ming: general Manager of Ganluo County Yindu New material Technology Co., Ltd. Wan Yunxia (female): general Manager of Sichuan Leshan Chuanhui charge Co., Ltd. Zhang Xianli (female): general Manager of Sichuan Jinyang Investment Group Co., Ltd. (wholly owned parent company of Sichuan Jinyang Kangning Silicon Company). Wan Yangqing: general Manager of Mianning Anning Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd. Secretary-General: fan Junan, Secretariat of the Association.

It is hereby announced that

Sichuan ferroalloy industry association

July 9, 2019


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