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Today's news: the US trade deficit hit a five-month high in May * demand from the electronics industry offers new hope for tin prices
Jul 4,2019 09:15CST
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Macro information

The US trade deficit widened to $55.5 billion in May, a five-month high

The "small non-farm" is less than the expected 102000 increase in ADP employment in the United States in June.

In the euro zone, corporate growth was weak in June. Factory activity is still weak.

Britain's economic performance is weak in June and may shrink in the second quarter

The 2 trillion yuan tax cut and fee reduction measures are basically in place. The next step will be to implement them.

Metal news

[SMM Review] interpretation of the Story behind the sudden increase in LME Copper stocks by 30, 000 tons

After the collapse of Shanghai and tin, the metal rose sharply and plummeted, and the fundamentals need to be studied calmly.

[SMM Analysis] Alumina prices fluctuated sharply in the first half of the year and there is a good chance that they will go like this in July!

Copper clad laminate manufacturers issue price increases one after another 5G to generate downstream high-end incremental demand

Metal Import and Export data for May in the United States

Demand from the electronics industry brings new hope to tin prices

India initiates Anti-dumping investigation against tinned flat Plate in Japan and other four countries (regions)

Listed stainless steel futures will speed up the efficiency of industry integration

Zhou Zhuping, chairman of Chongqing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.: adjust the product structure to lock in the main battlefield of Sichuan and Chongqing

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Strive to reach 50% of the global new energy vehicle market by 2035

Zeng Yuqun in the Ningde era: car electrification rate exceeds 70% in 2035

The first batch of 8-inch semiconductor silicon polished chips manufactured in Hangzhou has been successfully launched.

Limited by grid consumption, the total bidding scale of photovoltaic in 2019 is about 25GW.




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