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[SMM Research] the terminal consumption of lead battery market has not been improved for the time being. Storage enterprises do not rule out further production reduction.
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SMM6, 28 June: according to SMM research, this week (June 24-June 28) SMM five provinces lead battery enterprise weekly comprehensive operating rate of 48%, more stable than last week. According to SMM research, there is no significant improvement in the consumption of lead batteries, coupled with the weak rise in lead prices, dealers are cautious in purchasing, electric bicycles and automotive battery enterprises also maintain a state of production reduction, generally in 50 to 70%, and rarely reach the full load state. Among them, some of the enterprises that are not in the survey sample, such as a small number of small and medium-sized storage enterprises in Jiangxi Province, in order to control the inventory of finished products, the plate production line was suspended for 2 to 3 days this week. In July next week, some companies take into account the current high level of finished batteries, or plan to cut production by about 10 per cent from July.

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