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Today's news: the global economy is growing at its slowest pace in three years * the United States will take steps to ensure the supply of rare earths
Jun 5,2019 09:15CST
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Macro information

Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, gives a blockbuster speech: appropriate measures will be taken to maintain economic expansion

Xi Jinping: we are fully qualified, capable and confident to meet various risks and challenges

Trade War in the Americas: Mexican President expects to avoid tariffs Trump says US lawmakers may want to block tax increases next week

The power of "seven wounded punches" in the trade war is beginning to show that the global manufacturing industry is facing a second wave of decline.

Pessimistic prediction of the World Bank: the weakest global economic growth in three years and the slowest trade growth in a decade

Another important economic data fall! The growth rate of factory orders in the United States hit a new low since Trump took office in April.

Central bank carries out reverse buyback for two consecutive days at the beginning of the month, experts expect the possibility of a reduction in June to increase

Metal news

[SMM analysis] settled! Vietnam to impose temporary anti-dumping duty of 2.46% to 35.58% on Chinalco profiles

[SMM News] the price of bauxite in Henan Province restarted its rally in June.

[SMM data] in May 2019, China's alumina production of 5.971 million tons fell 1.39 per cent from a year earlier.

[SMM alarm] Copper spot TC continues to explore the bottom of the original production capacity of the smelter as scheduled?

Scrap copper consumption fell further in April than expected in May [SMM analysis]

[market voice] down 3.6% on the 6th! Shanghai nickel falls below all moving average future nickel price where is the support?

To grasp the rare earth market, we must first grasp the information of supply and demand, import and export and policy, etc. [SMM dry information]

[SMM analysis] in June 4 stainless steel plant began to overhaul 200 series as the main pre-affected output of 50, 000 tons

Eximbank of Korea provides US $400m financing for LS-Nikko to develop Tarapaca Copper Mine in Chile

Us Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says the country will take measures to ensure the supply of rare earths

The National Development and Reform Commission holds a forum of experts in the rare earth industry to strengthen supervision and strengthen rectification and standardization.

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A New Round of promoting consumption Plan in many cities to relax Automobile purchase restrictions in first-tier cities

The wave of decommissioning of power batteries is coming to jointly build a recovery system or a good way out.

Tesla: launch of three-year interest-free financing and car purchase services for customers in Beijing

Auto Circulation Association recommends that auto companies reduce inventory index to 54% in May

5G business is expected to launch in an all-round way this year to create new industrial opportunities

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