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[SMM News] Henan bauxite prices rose again in June.
Jun 4,2019 17:45CST
[SMM News] Henan bauxite prices rose again in June.
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SMM, June 4 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

According to SMM, due to the recent re-entry of environmental inspection teams in Henan, bauxite supply has shrunk significantly, and local bauxite prices have risen again by 20 to 40 yuan per ton.

Among them, the bauxite price of bauxite in Zhengzhou and its surrounding areas rose by 20 yuan per ton to 477 yuan per ton in June, based on the ore taste of 4.8 percent of aluminum to silicon and 58 percent of alumina content.

In Sanmenxia area, the ratio of aluminum to silicon is 4.0, and the price of bauxite with 56% alumina content without tax increases by 10-40 yuan / ton to 320-350 yuan / ton. The aluminum-silicon ratio is 5.0, and the bauxite with 58% aluminum content does not contain tax, and the factory price increases by 30 yuan / ton to 506 yuan / ton.

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