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[SMM analysis] the price of high carbon ferrochromium is weak-chromium ore is easy to fall but not rise.
Apr 18,2019
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SMM, April 17 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

According to SMM research, the trend of power shortage in Inner Mongolia has been alleviated after the Spring Festival. As of today, no notice of power limit has been received for power plant maintenance. At present, factories in Wulanchabu area still maintain a high operating rate, although the port chromium mine has a downward trend. However, with the decline in the price of terminal stainless steel, the output of high-carbon ferrochromium has increased unabated, the supply has increased, the price has fallen, and the inventory of factories and ports is abundant, and the price of chromium ore has also been downgraded. All parties are waiting to see the follow-up power limit in Inner Mongolia. Be careful with your purchases. It is expected that the price of high carbon ferrochromium will still fluctuate in a short period of time.

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