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[SMM data] refineries cherish to sell superimposed downstream zinc social stocks in three places where goods are taken at a low price, and the decline is obvious.
Aug 17,2018
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SMM8 17 news, this Wednesday's zinc social stocks fell 15900 tons compared with Friday, a significant decline. The decline came mainly from Shanghai and Guangdong. Shanghai inventory fell significantly, mainly due to lower zinc prices this week, refineries cherish sales. Some of the imports have been digested, some of them have been affected by typhoon weather, the arrival of goods has been delayed, and the overall market shipment this week is not good; However, in terms of consumption, zinc prices fell several times during the week, falling below 20000 yuan / ton, and replenishing the warehouse downstream. The transaction was better than last week, and the overall inventory dropped obviously. SMM expects inventories to stop falling and stabilize if imports flow in more next week.

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