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[review of SMM Copper concentrate] High transaction TC up to 85 short-term fear of maintenance
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SMM6 net news on the 15th of June: this week, the copper concentrate market continued to be loose, the previous stock preparation caused the refinery's current demand to fall, the high transaction has reached 85 US dollars per tonne, and as of Friday, the spot TC of SMM clean mines was reported at 79 US dollars per ton. It's up $1.50 a tonne from last week.

SMM believes that under the background that the Vedanta incident cannot be resolved in a short period of time, the accidental shutdown of domestic refineries caused by equipment or environmental inspection has allowed the high level of TC to continue, and it is expected that the supply TC will remain in a high position in the third quarter. The next four quarters will enter the game of annual negotiations, when the annual production of the mine and the progress of large projects such as Chinalco Ningde will affect the entire copper concentrate market. (SMM Sun Ziyang)

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