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Silicon Traders Face a Dilemma after Producers Raise Prices, and Power Price in Dehong Rises, SMM Reports
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SHANGHAI, Jul. 5 (SMM) – Silicon traders are in a dilemma of price hike, following silicon producers in Yunnan which have raised offers up sharply on July 4 due to rising raw material prices, SMM learns.

If silicon traders do so, downstream buyers will not accept a 200-400 yuan growth in price, but if not, those will suffer rising costs led by firm offers from silicon producers.

Silicon Metal Producers in Fujian to Restart Production Soon

Most traders, choosing to watch from sidelines, hold current prices, while few traders trace to raise price, but no transaction is heard yet. 

Traded price of oxygen low-grade silicon inched up in Kunming’s market on July 5.

In other news, Yunnan Dehong announced to increase power price to 0.2674 yuan per KWH in July, which is divergent in different producers based on voltage class.

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