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Tongguan’s Copper Foil Sales Hit Record High January-May, Revenue Reaches 971 Mln Yuan
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Jun 6,2017

SHANGHAI, Jun. 6 (SMM) - Anhui Tongguan Copper Foil Co.’s copper foil sales reached an all-time high during January and May of 2017, up 12.9% year-on-year, with sales revenue reaching 971 million yuan, reported.

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China’s standard copper foil supplies declined sharply and witnessed shortages from August 2016 after most companies switched from standard foil to lithium battery foil production. Anhui Tongguan Co. had 22,500-tpy standard copper foil capacity and took the chance. It materialized 1.63 billion yuan of sales revenue in 2016.

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It expanded capacity and its capacity is expected to reach 40,000-tpy by the end of 2017, 17,500-tpy of which is lithium battery foil capacity.

The company became one of top 5 companies in China’s lithium industry. Its customers cover BYD and Optimum Nano Energy Co.

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