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China reports 12% surge in iron ore imports during November
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By Anil Mathews
January 11, 2017 01:28:35 AM

BEIJING (Scrap Monster): The country’s iron ore imports increased significantly during the month of November last year, says latest statistics released by the Chinese General Administration of Customs.

The country’s iron ore imports totaled 91.978 million tons during the month. This is higher by 12.0% when matched with the imports during the corresponding month in 2015. The country had imported 82.130 million tons of iron ore during November 2015. Also, the total value of imports by the country increased sharply by nearly 17.4% over the year from $4.707 billion in November last year to $5.527 billion in November 2016. The average import price too has increased marginally by 4.8% year-on-year to $60.1 per ton in November last year. The Chinese iron ore imports had averaged at $57.3 per ton in November 2015.

The largest exporter of iron ore to China during the month was Australia. The imports from Australia totaled 56.395 million tons, valued at $3.333 billion. The import prices averaged at $59.10 per ton. Brazil exported 21.535 million tons of iron ore to China during the month. The imports from Brazil were valued at $1.356 billion. The average price of import stood at $63.0 per ton. In third place was South Africa with 4.075 million tons. The total value of imports from the country amounted to $258.589 million. The imports from the country averaged at $63.5 per ton during November 2016. The other key exporters of iron ore to China were India (1.585 million tons), Iran (1.328 million tons) and Chile (1.202 million tons).

The imports of agglomerated iron ore during November ’16 totaled 1.217 million tons, significantly lower by nearly 40% when compared with the same month a year before. The Chinese agglomerated iron ore imports had totaled 2.024 million tons during November 2015. The value of imports amounted to $114.220 million during Nov ‘16. The import value has dropped sharply by 27.3% when compared with the previous year. The Chinese iron ore imports were valued at $157.098 million during November 2015. The import prices of agglomerated ore saw considerable increase of 20.9% over the year. The average import price edged higher from $77.60 per ton in Nov ‘15 to $93.9 per ton in Nov ‘16.

The largest exporter of agglomerated iron ore to China was India. The exports from the country totaled 608,000 tons. The value of iron ore imports from India totaled $56.965 million. The imports averaged at $93.7 per ton. The other key exporters during the month were Brazil (144,000 tons), Ukraine (135,000 tons) and Canada (132,000 tons).

The imports of non agglomerated iron ore totaled 90.761 million tons, accounting for over 98.7% of the total imports. The non-agglomerated iron ore imports by the country grew by 13.3% when matched with 80.106 million tons imported during November 2015. The value of non-agglomerated iron ore imports has increased modestly by nearly 19% year-on-year to $5.412 billion from $4.550 billion a year before.

The country imported non-agglomerated iron ore mainly from Australia. The imports from Australia totaled 56.317 million tons at an average price of $59.1 per ton. The value of Australian iron ore imports totaled $3.326 billion. The other primary exporters of non-agglomerated iron ore to China during November 2016 were Brazil (21.391 million tons), South Africa (4.075 million tons) and Iran (1.328 million tons).


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