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Global Mercury Reduction Treaty Reached, New Energy Auto Sector to Enter “Golden Age”
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Jan 22,2013

SHANGHAI, Jan. 22 (SMM) –

New Energy Auto Sector to Usher in “Golden Age”
Anhui Ankai Automobile held a launch ceremony for its I-EMS on January 8. Zhang Jinhua, Secretary General of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China said during the ceremony that china’s new energy automobile sector will enter its “golden age” between 2013 and 2015 as key technology advances and as policy will be in place.   

Experts Give Advice on Construction Rubbish Recycling
Rapid urbanization has led to enormous wastes in cities. Experts and scholars gave advice on how to turn construction rubbish and wastes into something useful during the Energy-Saving & Emission-Cut and Construction Rubbish Recycling Forum held on January 19. 

Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group Focuses on Environmental Protection
Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group has been a leader in environmental protection. Chen Yilong, Chairman of the group, said its company ha been working on extracting jet fuel, gasoline and diesel from firewood since eight years ago. The company grabbed 60% market shares in environmental protection desulfurization field in China in 2004. Cut-throat competition has squeezed margins, so industrial transition should be the alternative way.    

Over 140 Countries Reach Consensus on Minamata Convention on Mercury
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced January 19 that over 140 countries have reached a consensus on the world’s first international mercury emission control convention after four years’ negotiations. The Minamata Convention on Mercury will monitor and rein in production and trade involving mercury-containing products in an effort to minimize the hazard of mercury pollution on environment and human health. It was agreed that production and trade of mercury-containing products will be reduced before 2020, including mercury-containing batteries, switches, energy-saving lamps and cosmetics. Thermometers and blood pressure measurements using mercury will also be replaced before 2020.   


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