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China Macro-economic Climate Index Continue to Fall in October
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI , Nov. 27 -- On 26th, National Bureau of Statistics data showed that macro-economic climate index in October was 94.7, down 10.6 points from the previous month level, but was still stable.

    It showed that China's macro-economic climate index continued to fall from June this year. Refer 100 as the optimal level, macro-economic climate index was 117.3 in May, 112.0 in June, 105.3 in August and down to 94.7 in October.

    National Bureau of Statistics believes that macro-economic climate index in October was stable which means China's macro-economic functioning well.

    Director of National Bureau of Statistics has said that China's economic growth rate falling was not only due to the international financial turmoil, the downward world economy and severe domestic natural disasters, but also due to downward inertia of our own economic cycle. However, China's economic fundamentals have not changed with overall good running.

    At specific targets, in October retail sales of consumer goods were in hot-zone, industrial production in cool-zone and revenue in cold-zone. The remaining indicators, including imports and exports, profits of industrial enterprises, the consumer price index, loans, money supply, M2, and so on, were in stable-zone.

    Macro-economic indicators used for predicting the future trend of economy in October were 97.43, down 1.33 points from the previous month level. From April this year, macro-economic index fell slightly in a row.

    Bureau of Statistics data also showed that in October consumer confidence index was 92.4, down 1.0 point MoM, down 4.1 points YoY.

    (Edited by CBI China)

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