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China Refined Copper Market Monthly Report
Apr 14,2011 11:44CST
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China's copper market, China copper supply, China copper demand, China copper inventories

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To help industry participants and financial investors to better understanding real market status, by presenting SMM exclusive surveys on China domestic operating rates at copper-related companies, inventories, changes in supply-demand balance, and copper prices.

Current Market Scenario & What to Expect Next
As the world's largest producer and consumer of refined copper, China's copper supply and demand situation directly affects market players' judge on copper prices. In this context, SMM decided to launch this report to provide authentic and timely information about China's copper demand and supply condition.

After setting historical highs, whether or not copper prices can rise further and become the focus of investors, especially amid a series of global events such as the Middle East crisis, Japan earthquake etc.? How will copper prices move in the future? How will China's growing inflation pressure and relevant regulation policies affect copper prices? Whether or not copper consumption will be curbed amid currently high copper prices?

Copper is in a supply deficit, which is relatively rare in base metals, and attracts a large number of investors. Copper is showing stronger financial attribute, especially in recent few years. Copper is not only a kind of industrial material for practical production and processing, but also a kind of financial product for market financing and arbitrage.

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Arming you with updated knowledge and in-depth insight, fundamental analysis, market forecast, prices, cost surveys, multi-client studies and etc.

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