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The Outlook To 2020 For Copper In Power Cables
Apr 11,2011 13:57CST
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Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cables,High Temperature Super Conductors,China State Grid Corporation,Nanotubes,Conductive Polymers & Graphite Film,refined copper consumption

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Copper usage in power cables accounts for around 25% of China's total refined copper consumption. Therefore, what happens in this sector will exert a significant impact on the country's overall growth of copper consumption. The world perceives China to be the growth engine of global copper consumption. The potential implications of the introduction of new technology and increasing market penetration of aluminium into LV and MV cables will be important for the future growth of copper used in China.

The question is how much of this program will be using copper conductors. In this regard, there are three main developments.

- How much share will Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cables (ACSR) account for the total especially in the rural sector?
- Will aluminium continue its pace in regaining market share from copper in LV and MV cables?
- When will the development of High Temperature Super Conductors (HTS) and their Components reach the stage that they will be introduced commercially in China.
- What will be the impact from the new technologies such as nanotubes, conductive polymers and graphite film on copper consumption?
- These developments could have a material effect on the use of copper in the national grid over the coming decade.
- What's more, China State Grid Corporation (SGC) also plans to develop a Smart Grid. How this development will impact the use of conductor materials will be examined also.

Our Methodology includes

Discussions with power cable producers, scientists, technical consultants and others on how soon and at what rate HTS cables and other technology will be introduced into the grid network together with the extent that HTS cables will impact the use of copper.

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