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Mar 16,2011

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Current Chinese Secondary Aluminum and Alloys Industry & What to Expect Next

China's imports of scrap aluminum were 2.85 million mt and output of secondary aluminum was 3.6 million mt during 2010, becoming world's largest scrap aluminum importer and secondary aluminum producer. Although China's secondary aluminum industry has developed very rapidly, this industry still has huge development space along with gradual development of China's economy in view of secondary aluminum's advantages of environmental protection, energy conservation, and resource protection. This report will help our customers seize market opportunities based on our analysis of China's secondary aluminum market conditions.

Recently, China's primary aluminum prices kept falling, but domestic scrap aluminum and aluminum alloy prices fell slower than primary aluminum prices. Higher costs provided strong support for aluminum alloy ingot prices. Along with the ongoing development of China's secondary aluminum industry, tax costs for purchasing domestic scrap at secondary aluminum enterprises increased gradually. In addition, high overseas scrap prices and fierce price competition by secondary aluminum enterprises from India and other countries for importers will also have effects on the development trend of China's secondary aluminum industry.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the Promotion Plan for Secondary Nonferrous Metal Industry, which introduced specific requirements for the development of a secondary metal industry in China.
According to the plan, large-scale production, energy conservation, higher industry concentration, and technical innovation are key factors for the successful development of secondary aluminum industry. The proportion of secondary aluminum output in primary aluminum output will increase from current 20% to 50% in 2015, and secondary aluminum industry still has good prospects for development with support from Chinese government and huge market demand.

Our Methodologies

SMM offers for scrap aluminum in this report involve twenty-three varieties in six regions, and this report has become the most comprehensive scrap aluminum price report in China. There are 70 sample secondary aluminum enterprises in our survey, with their capacity accounting for over 70% of China's total secondary aluminum capacity, generally covering China's secondary aluminum markets. This report can help our customers timely and accurately understand China's aluminum alloy ingot market conditions.

You can't Afford to Miss it :

As China is now taking an increasingly important role, this report is of key value for anyone who's about:

- to produce die-casting products
- to source aluminum alloys in China
- to trade aluminum scraps or to use it as raw materials
- to monitor and forecast China secondary aluminum industry

SMM report
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