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China Copper Semis Industry Report
Oct 15,2010 15:10CST
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China's copper semis industry has been developing fast along with China's urbanization and industrialization, with average growth rate at 20% since 2000. In 2009, although affected by global financial crisis, China's copper semis production reached 8.75 million mt, with nearly 21% growth rate compared to 2008. In contrast to the fact that the real estate sector is the largest copper downstream consumer in developed countries, electric power industry is the largest one in China, which means, along with the improving living standards, the structure of copper semis will still change dramatically, drawing more and more attention to this market.

At the point of fever from China strong demand for copper, refined copper prices began its downward trend in the first half of 2010, affected by China tightened monetary policy. The government's controlling policy on high housing prices has affected optimistic outlook for non-ferrous metals market, and that will be an important and long-lasting policy in the long run. Will the strong demand for China copper semis continue? How will domestic semis producers response in front of high costs and the low profits? This report will show you the overall profile of China copper semis industry.

SMM Forecast
With high costs and low profits, Chinese copper semis manufactures are facing challenging in product structure reform as well as new technology. However, with fast development of urbanization and industrialization in China, domestic copper semis industry will continue to experience dramatic development. In addition, water desalination and smart grid will be the new spotlight in the future.

Our Methodology
Analysts show our customers the overall structure and future development trends of China's semis industry in combination with SMM original demand model through making judgment on macro economic trends, tracking micro-industry, conducting surveys through a large number of telephone calls, making extensive contacts with industry experts.

Core Data
Operating rates at copper plate, sheet, strip, tube, wire rod, foil sectors, downstream demand breakdown of copper semis, production, exports and imports of copper semis

copper semis, copper downstream demand, exports and imports, copper plate, sheet, strip, copper tube, copper wire rod, copper foil

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