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China Aluminum Foil Industry Chain Analysis
Aug 6, 2010 10:01CST
China is the largest aluminum foil producer in the world, and aluminum foil production in 2009 was 1.81 million mt, up 15% YoY.

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China is the largest aluminum foil producer in the world, and aluminum foil production in 2009 was 1.81 million mt, up 15% YoY. Along with the improving living standards,China's aluminum foil consumption still has dramaticpotential to grow, drawing more and more attention to this market.

Now the proportion of household aluminum foil in China is still much lower than developed countries, which means that with the process of industrialization and upgrade of industrial structure, China's aluminum foil market will face dramatic change in the future. China is shifting the focus of economic work to the income balance and stimulating domestic demand, and as a result, consumer goods will develop significantly for the foreseeable future, which will help boost demand for aluminum foil.

Market Forecast
The proportion of China's exports of aluminum foil will grow gradually in the future following the technology development, and although the proportion of aluminumpaper composite for packaging and aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging is not high currently, both have bright development prospects along with the improving living standards and gradual improvements in China's
social welfare and security system.

Core Data
Aluminum foil output, proportion of aluminum foils by variety, imports and exports of aluminum foil, production facilities at major aluminum foil producers.

Aluminum foil, aluminum foil for air conditioner, aluminum foil for cigarette packing, aluminum-paper composite for packaging.

Our Methodology
Analysts show our customers the overall structure and future development trends of China's aluminum foil industry in combination with SMM original demand model through making judgement on macro econmic trends, tracking microindustry, conducting surveys through a large number of telephone calls, making extensive contacts with industry experts, collecting in-depth data concerning the unit consumption of aluminum foil production, prospects of application of aluminum foil, as well as industry features, and carrying out questionnaire surveys.

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