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The 2nd International Lead & Zinc Summit 2010
Feb 3,2010 16:15CST
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SMM, together with CBI Events, is going to hold 2nd International Lead & Zinc Summit in Shenzhen, March 25-26 2010. This summit is endorsed by International Zinc Association (IZA) and Chinese Lead-Acid Battery Association.

Event Background
Global economy has been recovering since second half 2009.  Non-ferrous metal price has returned to the level in second half 2008, with a further rising trend.  Are positive drives, such as solid global economic recovery, loose monetary policy, capital market rebound and demand growth, likely to bolster metal prices?  Will erase of outdated and surplus capacity shadow prices?  How about the demand and supply in lead & zinc market in 2010?  How will the market price go in the future? 

SMM, together with CBI Events, is going to hold 2nd International Lead & Zinc Summit in Shenzhen, March 25-26 2010.  Participants will attach close attention to global demand-supply dynamic in China and Asia, and discuss macro economic dynamic, global lead & zinc mine supply, China lead & zinc demand-supply, India lead & zinc industry development and demand on lead-acid storage cell and galvanized plates.  


How do global economic trend, macro policy, USD index fluctuation impact lead & zinc industry?

How long will loose monetary policy sustain?  How does inflation impact the market?

Revitalizing Planning and Development of China's Non-ferrous Metals boost erase of outdated capacity, enterprise reconstruction and development of overseas resource.  How will it impact China lead & zinc industry?  Could it boost stable growth in the industry?

How do global industry pattern and demand-supply evolve?

Does demand in steel industry and lead-acid storage cell evolve?  How to realize win-win achievement in the entire industry chain?

How will zinc-air cell and zinc fertilizer impact downstream industries?  Are they likely to boom?

How is the status of emerging market in India and Middle East?  What is the prospect?

Capital market
Non-ferrous metal market in 2009 saw an increase in both price and inventory given monetary drive, not a recovery in demand-supply. 

China lead futures contract is to release.  How will China lead and zinc market move in 2010 given ample currency flow in current capital market?  Will the uptrend continue?  What is direction?

DAY ONE   Thursday Morning, March 25
08:30 - 09:00  Registration
09:00 - 09:15  Opening Speech
09:15 - 12:00  Speech

1. Global Lead & Zinc Prospect and Price 2010
2. China Metallurgy Enterprise Demand on Lead & Zinc Mine
3. Outlook of China's Zinc Market 2010
4. New Application and Development of Zinc
12:00-14:00   Lunch Buffet

DAY ONE   Thursday Afternoon, March 25
14:00-17:00   Speech  
1. Outlook of Global Lead & Zinc Smelting Industry
2. Global Lead and Zinc Concentrate Market and Cost Analysis
3. Growth of Emerging Market - India Zinc Market
4. Lead & Zinc Mine Distribution in Australia and Supply Status
5. Lead & Zinc Futures Operation Feature
17:00-17:30   Panel Discussion: Lead Market
17:30-18:00   Panel Discussion: Zinc Market
18:00-20:00   Gala Dinner

DAY TWO   Friday Morning, March 26

9:00-12:00   Speech
1. Lead-acid Storage Cell Demand and Prospect
2. Growth of Emerging Market - India Lead Market
3. Asian Zinc Demand
4. Lead & Zinc Metallurgy Technology
12:00-14:00  Lunch Buffet

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