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2010 Global and China Silicone Industry Development Conference
Jan 8,2010 15:13CST
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CBI CHINA is holding the 2010 Global and China Silicone Industry Development Conference in Hangzhou City, 16th and 17th March.

We have a strong background on the china large commodity market and also successfully held silicone / polysilicon/ silicon metal related conference for years.
Now we sincerely invite you to join our 2010 Global and China Silicone Industry Development Conference in Hangzhou. It will be a great opportunity to get face to face with the management from the major market players, and a good platform to present your business.

Analysis to market and policies
- Macroeconomic trends and policies of China and other parts of the world in 2010
- Effects of emission reduction and energy saving policies 
- The prospect of silicone industry and downstream applications – China and the world
- Core competence for the sustainable development of silicone industry 
- Further processing & innovative R&D – trend and vitality of the industry

 R&D and applications
- Silicone rubber demand in automotive industry
- Silicone rubber demand in electronic industry 
- Future demand for silicone oil in textile and cosmetics industries
- Relationship between silane coupler and silicone rubber industry
- The application of trichlorosilane on the silicon industry chain
- Making use of silicone byproducts – circular techniques lead to lower cost

Investment and market prospect
- The outlook of silicone markets in China, South Korea and Thailand
- Forecast on silicone production capacities and locations in China
- Solutions for silicone industry
- Investors' opportunities and risks in silicone industry

Conference Background
In recent years, the prosperity of China's construction, electric and electronic industries, cosmetics, textiles have been boosting the demand for silicone. At present, China is a global leader of both silicone production and consumption. Statistics from 2002 to 2008 presents an over 30% average annual growth of silicone consumption in this country. As the world pays attention to the silicone market in China, many investors, foreign and Chinese alike, have established silicone monomer facilities in this country. World's silicone production is moving to China.

Very few Chinese silicone companies cover the entire industry chain, albeit the industry is booming. On offer from these players are poorly diversified and predominantly low-end products. What should China learn from producers in other countries, in order to seize the high-end market?

With the revival of economy and downstream demand, how will the silicone demands in automobiles, construction, electric appliances and electronics, cosmetics, textile, etc.  stimulate the upstream production?

Last year, China's silicone monomer production totaled 480,000 tons. With new capacities being planned or under construction, e.g. BlueStar, Dow Corning & Wacker alliance, Sanyou, Xingfa, Dongyue, etc., what would likely be China's production capacity of silicone monomer in 2010? If the capacity boom materializes, how will it change the silicone import and export of China?

CBI is delighted to present Global & China Silicone Industry Development Conference in March 2010, where business leaders and senior experts will answer numerous questions about this industry.


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