Exclusive: China's base metals output in Sep

This is a roundup of China’s base metals output in Sep, researched by SMM

07:21:11PM Oct 12, 2018

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LME Week: Chinese infrastructure to accelerate in H2 2018, SMM says

Infrastructure construction will grow as Beijing has been loosening policies in the face of potential impact from the trade war

01:38:29PM Oct 09, 2018


Four types of rare earth products exempt from Trump's tariffs 

Items regarding rare earth metals, oxides, compounds, and metal-based magnet were removed from the list of Chinese goods facing fresh US tariffs

02:17:24PM Sep 20, 2018

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SMM Tin Summit: China's economic slowdown to continue

The slowdown in China’s economic growth is likely to continue, said Liang Zhonghua, senior macro strategist at Zhongtai Securities

05:17:53PM Aug 30, 2018

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Slack season depresses rare earth metal prices 

Prices of several rare earth metals moved downwards for the week and they are likely to weaken further amid slow season

05:01:08PM Jun 29, 2018

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Shanty town redevelopment may cool down on CDB's policy change

Boom of shanty town redevelopment in China may cool down

04:03:41PM Jun 26, 2018

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China to significantly lower auto import tariffs in July

China will slash import tariffs on certain vehicles and auto parts down to 15%, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said on Tuesday May 22. Cuts will take effect on July 1

11:18:45AM May 23, 2018

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China's ban on 16 scrap metals, chemical waste likely to have little impact on zinc market

China will ban imports of 16 more scrap metal and chemical waste products from December 31, 2018, according to release by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) on Wednesday April 19

03:40:28PM Apr 19, 2018

Industry News

SMM CoLiNi Summit: Cathode materials to drive future of new-energy vehicles

Development in cathode materials is likely to drive the development of new-energy cars as cathode materials determine battery performance.

06:19:51PM Apr 13, 2018

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SMM Copper Aluminium Summit: Rise of new energy cars to drive nonferrous metals demand

Demand for nonferrous metals will surge as new energy vehicles are booming in China, said Lei Hongjun, chief engineer of the Yangtse Automobile Group.

05:25:54PM Mar 23, 2018

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