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Aluminium Scrap Prices Weakened In April amid Sluggish Demand

iconMay 16, 2023 15:44
Aluminium prices fluctuated significantly in April. Prices briefly stabilised at the beginning of the month and fell to 18,380 yuan/mt on April 11.

Aluminium prices fluctuated significantly in April. Prices briefly stabilised at the beginning of the month and fell to 18,380 yuan/mt on April 11.

Prices then rose and reached a four-month high of 19,110 yuan/mt in seven days, before falling for six straight days. However, the monthly average price of spot aluminium in April rose to 18,706.84 yuan/mt, an increase of 1.82% compared with March. In terms of aluminium scrap prices, there were also big fluctuations.

At the end of the month, aluminium scrap prices generally fell by 100-200 yuan/mt from the beginning of the month, though prices in some regions remained stable or only dropped by 50 yuan/mt.

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