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Li Dian Wanli Xing Qinghai-- the fourth stop Jin Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd.
Jul 21,2021 19:23CST
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SMM7 March 21: in 2021, the lithium industry will take off at the right time! Driven by policies and global electric trends, the new energy industry, such as Japan, has driven the whole industry chain into a stage of vigorous development. Lithium resources, as one of the most important basic raw materials for new energy vehicles, experienced a rise in prices in short supply at the end of 2020 and stabilized in the second quarter of 2021. The supply of lithium resources has become an important consideration for the development of new energy in the future. How will the customer base in the industrial chain, such as precursors, materials, batteries, automobiles and other downstream enterprises and upstream nickel-cobalt-lithium raw material production enterprises balance the expansion increment and raw material supply? Therefore, we have integrated the upstream and downstream enterprises located in the lithium power industry chain to carry out SMM to ride the wind and waves of "lithium power ten thousand miles".

In the just-concluded Hunan delegation, SMM and lithium downstream navigation companies have gained a lot! Next, we will continue to visit Sky Mirror Qinghai, the fourth stop of the "SMM Lithium Power Walk through the Wind and waves" delegation, to conduct an on-the-spot investigation with industry leaders on the production of raw materials enterprises in China's lithium power industry, in order to seek more accurate and in-depth cooperation and create more effective and sustainable exchanges.

From July 19 to 23, Wang Tian, director of SMM New Energy Division, and Yu Lei, marketing consultant, led SMM staff and members of the delegation to visit the production of raw materials enterprises in the lithium power industry in Qinghai to seek more accurate and in-depth cooperation opportunities. The delegation is strongly sponsored by Jiangxi Longnte Environmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd., Bintel Control equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Shangtuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Huibo centrifuge Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Dongou filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. On the afternoon of July 20th, SMM and the delegation came to the fourth stop, Jin Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd.

Enterprise voice

Today, SMM and members of the delegation came to Jinkunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., which gave a warm reception to SMM. First of all, Jin Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. introduced the business development of the company in detail.

Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. was established on January 17, 2017. it is located on the north side of Hanhai Road, a major industrial base in Kunlun Economic and technological Development Zone, Golmud City, Qinghai Province, covering an area of 1100 mu. It is jointly funded by Dachaidan Dahua Chemical Co., Ltd., Golmud Development and Construction Investment Company and natural persons, with a registered capital of 320 million yuan. The main products of Kunlun lithium industry are Lithium, Lithium Carbonate, Lithium Chloride and Lithium magnesium Alloy and so on.

Li Kunlun lithium industry actively responded to the national call to vigorously develop and build a new energy industry with development, production and product sales as one. The company always puts the talent strategy in the first place, takes the improvement of the company's technical level as the foundation for the company's survival in the same industry, strengthens the brand awareness of the products, and takes the initiative of "winning the overall marketing strategy" through the implementation of the brand strategy. At the same time, we should actively grasp the market trends, formulate flexible production and sales strategies, meet the requirements of the development of supply and demand in the market, and establish long-term cooperative relations with direct sales and agent customers in view of the different conditions in the domestic and international markets. Dahu develops strategic cooperation with major customer groups, so that the company and the industry Synchronize can develop and grow together.

Visit the factory

Subsequently, SMM and members of the delegation visited the factory of Li Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., to gain an in-depth understanding of the company's capacity construction.

Dahua Chemical and Xinghua Lithium Salt have been put into production one after another, which provides solid resource support for Li Kunlun lithium industry. Chaidamu economic cycle new energy industry chain has begun to take shape and its development is expected in the future.

exchange of technical know-how

Representatives of SMM and lithium downstream enterprises had in-depth exchanges on the core competitiveness and future development planning of Li Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd.

In the part of technical exchange, as to the question of "Why do you want to make metal lithium", Li Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. replied that from the salt lake industry chain, metal lithium has the highest added value. Recently, the price of lithium metal is about 600000. On the other hand, it takes about 45 days for metal lithium to be processed into finished products from raw materials to finished products, and the price adjustment mechanism is based on the price of lithium salt. This year, the company plans to produce more than 1000 tons of lithium metal. At present, it is in a state of full production and sales from January to June, and the export volume will gradually increase.

In response to the problem of "the industrial pattern of metal lithium", Li Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. said that at present, there are 11 enterprises producing metal lithium in the world, eight in China, as well as Yabao and Russia (), FMC, the Russian state atomic energy group). The production of lithium metal needs to be completed in high vacuum and low oxygen and low water environment, which requires relatively low relative humidity of the overall environment, so Qinghai is very suitable for the production of metal lithium.

Finally, with regard to the inquiry about "how is the current enterprise acquisition process going?" Wang Kunlun Lithium Co., Ltd. admitted that 28.13% of the company's equity has been acquired by Yiwei Lithium, while Dahua Chemical Industry has also been acquired by Yiwei Lithium. Xinghua Lithium has not yet been acquired. But the company's next step does not rule out the possibility of further expanding the scale of the acquisition.

Take a group photo as a souvenir

After visiting the factory, representatives of SMM and lithium downstream enterprises took a group photo with Li Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. to increase their deeper cooperation and friendship. I believe there will be deeper exchanges and cooperation in the future!

After this visit and research, SMM and representatives of downstream lithium enterprises have a deeper understanding of the products, technology and company development of Li Kunlun Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. at the same time, they have a deeper understanding of the current market situation, development trend and existing problems of the lithium industry, and will continue to deepen cooperation with major enterprises to achieve complementary advantages and jointly promote the development of China's lithium industry.

Jinkunlun Lithium Industry Co.

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