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Tesla: the prototype of high nickel 4680 battery has been used in vehicles.
Sep 29, 2020 11:08CST

SMM: according to reports, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) said on Sunday that Tesla has been putting his prototype of high energy density, high nickel 4680 battery into the car. Musk shared Tesla's long-term goals for sustainable energy storage on Battery Day (Battery Day) last week, including a plan to equip energy-efficient vehicles such as electric Semi and Cyber batteries truck with high-nickel batteries.

Musk's plan is to speed up the road to sustainable energy and transport by studying how to make high-energy batteries with little or no cobalt, especially for vehicles that need more energy. However, critics question why Musk did not show physical examples of 4680 batteries at the event, and it is not clear whether comments on the strategy of using a "diversified cathode approach" mean that it will use different cathode formats in larger batteries.

Mr Musk now clarified that Tesla would produce high-energy cathodes for 4680 batteries, at least for now, and that the batteries had been used in vehicles in prototype form for several months. "at least so far, we are only making high-energy nickel ourselves. In addition, we have actually been packing our battery boxes into driverable cars for months, and the prototype is insignificant and difficult to mass-produce. "

Musk did not go any further on vehicles with 4680 prototype batteries, although well-founded speculation may be that the cyber truck that Musk used to drive around Los Angeles may be one of them. It is well known that the prototype battery was made at the Kato Road factory next to Tesla's Fremont electric car factory.

Sandy Monroe (Sandy Munro), an automotive engineer, said that Tesla could nearly double the battery capacity even with the same chemical composition as the 2170 battery. Other efficiencies can be achieved with 4680 batteries simply because the battery pack requires less steel and because 4680 desktop technology does not require cooling components between batteries.

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