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The traditional way of playing loses its competitiveness! The photovoltaic industry needs such healthy competition.
Sep 27,2020 09:46CST
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SMM Network News: the photovoltaic industry is an industry with a huge scale and capacity, and it is also an industry with the integration of dozens of upstream and downstream industries, but among them, the component is the C position of the whole industrial chain, and it is also the leading place.

At present, to improve the profitability and risk prevention ability of photovoltaic enterprises is one of the common pursuits of photovoltaic enterprises. In order to achieve this goal, photovoltaic enterprises are constantly strengthening the construction of the whole industry chain to expand their "circle of friends". The competition trend of photovoltaic industry has changed from the competition between products to the competition between industrial chains. However, only when the enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain develop in coordination, compete in an orderly manner, avoid non-standard and vicious competition, and achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, can the industry continue to develop to a high end.

On September 24th, the 2020 Seventh Guangdong Photovoltaic Forum was held in Guangzhou. Under the auspices of Cao Yu, editor-in-chief of Sobi Photovoltaic Network and chief analyst of Zhixin Consulting, five entrepreneur representatives and industry experts from different links of the industrial chain conducted in-depth discussions on hot issues such as the change and trend of the industry cycle and the rules of industrial competition.

In-depth discussion: what kind of promotion will a good new industrial ecology bring to the industry?

Zeng Yi, head of Trina Solar Energy China

Whether it is 182 or 210, who can make use of the capacity is a contribution to the photovoltaic industry. At present, the industry is facing two challenges, one is periodic overcapacity, and the second is the problem of technical route. Photovoltaic people have been working hard all the time, and they will find the best answer. Next, you will see that the upstream and downstream advise each other on some capital behavior. this year is the listing year of photovoltaic, photovoltaic enterprises have been listed one after another, the industry behind will be more and more concentrated, and investors of the whole industry are also working hard. So now the photovoltaic industry is in the best period of development, the upstream begins to integrate, and there are more communication channels. When I entered the photovoltaic industry, there were more than 600 module factories and more than 100 battery factories. Now the survival of the fittest leaves all high-quality enterprises.

Ma Gaoxiang, senior engineer and vice president of the Institute of New Energy Engineering of Northwest Survey and Design Research Institute.

At present, all localities are working on the 14th five-year Plan, including the choice of technological direction is also very important. When making plans for the government or enterprises, how can the two technical routes be supported and compatible? At present, the atmosphere in the industry is wrong, and it feels that everyone is doing his own work. It depends on who fights to the death. From a neutral technology point of view, I hope that the bosses of the two technologies can shake hands and listen to the views of all parties, including the views of operation and maintenance enterprises. I have no preference for these two routes, just to see how these two routes can enhance their respective shortcomings through the overall planning scheme, maximize their strengths to find the right scene, and provide more space for inverter enterprises and builders. This is the responsibility of these two technical routes in the 6.0 era.?.

Li Ningda, Senior Director of Jianheng Certification components

When it comes to the controversy over sizes 182 and 210, this change, in terms of trend, I think it's a bottom-up overlap. For example, oversized components and double-sided components are not only an innovation in product technology, but also a rapid iteration in technical standards. So whether it is 182 or 210, people may come from different positions, and their positions will choose different lineup. But I think in the end, we all have the same goal, making the cost of the photovoltaic industry lower. Because photovoltaic power generation is facing the entire power industry, we have to compete with wind power, hydropower and traditional coal-fired power.

In-depth discussion: how to step on the pulse of the times when there is a change in competition rules in each industry?

Wang Mengsong, Assistant Senior Vice President of Jingao Science and Technology

The price rise in the past few months this year has made various enterprises make some reflection on the strategic layout. Is it better to make a vertical or a professional division of labor? I think there is no standard answer for the industry, both have their own advantages, vertical integration is easier to reflect the cost advantage and scale, professional division of labor in the professional do better. But why do so many companies reflect this time? It may be with this wave of rising prices of raw materials, including silicon wafers and batteries, which put a lot of pressure on enterprises, so some enterprises speed up the layout of vertical integration. But in fact, we still have to choose according to the situation of the enterprise itself. For those enterprises that have advantages in traditional large-scale brand funds, vertical integration may enhance their competitiveness in the future. Even if the industry concentration is getting higher and higher, but small and medium-sized enterprises are more focused, there will still be room for survival.

Chen Chong, sales Director of Oriental Risheng South China

Since the beginning of this year, the industry has begun to discuss how to do vertical integration. I think vertical integration on the one hand depends on the situation of the company, on the other hand, it is also the embodiment of risk prevention ability. For Eastern Sunrise, we have also laid out the upstream links, and more importantly, in 2019, the trend of silicon wafer has changed. Oriental Sunrise firmly chose to do 210, not to mention which is better, 210 or 182, but 210 is more suitable for us, which can be more economical, so that investors can have more stable returns in the power plant, so I think vertical integration is the embodiment of our risk prevention ability at present.

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