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Continuous power supply for 72 hours Toyota develops new cars for hydrogen power generation
Sep 25,2020 16:52CST
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SMM: a few days ago, it is reported that Toyota has cooperated with Japanese electricity users to develop a fuel cell power vehicle powered by hydrogen, which can provide electricity in disaster areas, outdoor concerts and other occasions where there is a lack of power support. In addition, the energy car has zero emissions and can be powered continuously for about 72 hours.

At this stage, many vehicles with diesel engines produce a lot of harmful emissions when driving and generating electricity. Toyota said that fuel cell technology can be applied to commercial and industrial vehicles to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The fuel cell power vehicle, built by Toyota and Dianyou, is based on Toyota's Dana (Dyna) light truck, and its fuel cell system is consistent with Toyota's Mirai. The fuel cell power supply equipment used in the model, developed by Dianyou, can carry about 63 kilograms of hydrogen, which can be stored in 27 hydrogen storage tanks for long distances and generate electricity, and its only emission is water.

Editor's comments:

Toyota has not slackened its efforts in the research and development of hydrogen fuel cell technology. However, at present, the development of hydrogen fuel cell models is still restricted by many factors. Toyota Mirai, for example, has a hydrogen storage tank capacity of about 120L, that is, 5kg of hydrogen reserves. The fuel cell power vehicle developed with electric friends can obviously solve the problem of storing hydrogen fuel to some extent. We also look forward to the early launch of the model to further promote the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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