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Henan Copper Industry accelerates forward, "China Copper foil Valley" is about to emerge.
Sep 25,2020 16:33CST
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SMM: August 28th, Henan Nonferrous Metals Industry Association established Henan Copper Industry Branch in Lingbao City, Sanmenxia, Henan Province, taking this as an opportunity to inject new momentum into the development of Henan copper industry. Liu Libin, executive vice president of Henan Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, said that the purpose of the establishment of Henan Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Copper Industry Branch is to strengthen the exchange of copper enterprises in the province, promote the province's copper industry to move towards a large-scale, green, sustainable and high-quality development path, and establish a new image of Henan copper industry in the country.

Henan Copper Industry accelerates forward

For a long time, Henan non-ferrous metals industry has continued the industrial pattern dominated by aluminum. However, in recent years, with the deepening of structural adjustment, aluminum production shows a downward trend, in contrast, Henan copper industry is becoming more and more popular. According to Liu Libin, the output of electrolytic copper in Henan Province in 2019 was 642000 tons, an increase of 32.55 percent over the same period last year, and the output of copper products reached 543000 tons. In the first half of this year, under the severe epidemic situation, Henan copper processing output still increased by 30% compared with the same period last year, and is expected to become the second 100 billion yuan industry in Henan after the aluminum industry.

Combing the development history of China's copper industry, Henan Province occupies an important position in China's copper processing industry. Chinalco Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd. is known as the cradle of the copper processing industry in New China. The world-famous "copper tube high efficiency short process technology equipment R & D and industrialization" technology also comes from Henan, which has established the leading position of China's air conditioning pipe manufacturing industry in the world.

The latest report on the Development of Henan Copper Industry compiled by Henan Nonferrous Metals Industry Association shows that after many years of rolling development, Henan Province has formed a relatively complete industry chain of copper smelting, copper processing and recycling of recycled copper. considerable progress has been made in production capacity, technological innovation, process equipment, economic benefits and so on.

Statistics show that at present, the production capacity of copper smelting in Henan Province is about 750000 tons, and the production capacity of copper processing equipment is about 1.1 million tons, of which the production capacity of copper tube, bar and line is about 800000 tons per year, that of copper plate and strip is about 250000 tons per year, and that of copper foil is about 45500 tons per year.

From upstream smelting to processing, from scientific research institutes to design units, from tubes, rods to strip, copper foil and then to the utilization of recycled copper, Henan copper industry chain is becoming more and more perfect. Located in Lingbao City, Guotou Jincheng Metallurgical Co., Ltd., which belongs to the National Development and Investment Group, is a national high-tech enterprise with a production capacity of 100000 tons of cathode copper. In 2019, the output of electrolytic copper reached 110000 tons. Chinalco Luoyang Copper processing Co., Ltd. is the largest comprehensive copper processing enterprise in China, with the production capacity of tubes, bars, plates and strips, and is known as the "Huangpu military Academy" in the field of copper processing. Along the line from Zhengzhou Gongyi to Luoyang Yanshi, there are upstream and downstream industrial chains of copper poles and copper wires represented by Xinchang Copper Industry, people's Cable and access Cable. The Dazhou Industrial agglomeration area of Changge City recovers 3.6 million tons of scrap metal, 2.6 million tons of processing and 300000 tons of recycled copper annually, forming a complete industrial chain of circular economy from waste metal recovery, smelting, simple processing, intensive processing to sales. In addition, the gathering of many scientific research institutes in colleges and universities provides continuous talent support and R & D motivation for enterprises, which is conducive to the collaborative innovation of "industry-university-research".

From the perspective of subdivided product areas, Henan copper industry has distinctive features. In recent years, relying on Zhongyuan Gold, Yuguang Gold and lead, Guotou Jincheng and other enterprises to expand production capacity in copper smelting, relying on Chinalco Luo Copper, Jinlong Copper Tube, Camelon Precision Copper Strip, Huaxin Copper foil and other enterprises, it is in the leading position in the field of high-precision copper strip, precision copper tube, electronic copper foil and so on. Relying on Henan University of Science and Technology, China Color Science and Technology, 725 Institute of China Shipbuilding heavy Industry and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes, it has an important influence in the basic theoretical research of copper industry and the development of technology and equipment in China.

Although the development of Henan copper processing industry has been somewhat slow due to the constraints of resources in the upper reaches of the industry in recent years, there are still many bright spots: first, a number of enterprises with development potential, such as Camelon and Jinyuan Zhaohui, have grown up. It has a high reputation in the industry. Second, it is rich in R & D and innovation resources. Medium Color Science and Technology is the only professional design and research institute in the industry. the School of Materials of Henan University of Science and Technology has distinctive professional features and is well-known in the field of new copper-based materials in China. the completed "Development and Application of key preparation and processing Technology of High strength and High conductivity Copper Alloy" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress.

How to lay out the future development of Henan copper industry chain? Are there any supportive policies? The report proposes to focus on supporting Sanmenxia to build an internationally competitive copper industry cluster and "China Copper foil Valley", Luoyang to build an innovation base for the copper industry, and Changge City to build an important base for recycling of renewable resources. to further consolidate the market share of high-end copper strip and copper tubes in Xinxiang City, the leading position of the national copper wire and cable industry in Gongyi City, and the technological advantages of Jiyuan smelting and comprehensive utilization. Priority shall be given to approval, establishment, land supply, energy conservation assessment and environmental impact assessment of copper industry investment projects that are in line with the direction of industrial development and industrial layout. Key copper and copper-based new materials enterprises that meet the environmental protection standards shall be exempted from environmental protection in heavily polluted weather. Give full play to the function of Sanmenxia imported copper concentrate inspection and quarantine test zone, reduce enterprise costs, improve the level of trade facilitation, and explore a new development model of imported copper concentrate inspection and supervision, multimodal transport, bonded logistics and safety prevention and control.

"Chinese Copper foil Valley" is about to appear.

At present, the "new infrastructure" represented by 5G, new energy vehicle charging piles and inter-city high-speed railway is booming, providing new power, increasing new demand and opening up new space for the R & D and production of copper-based materials.

Henan copper industry is to seize this rare opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to promote the transformation and upgrading of the copper industry.

Taking Sanmenxia City, which is located in the Yellow River Golden Triangle area of Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi, as an example, in the upper reaches of the copper industry, there are Zhongyuan Gold smelter, Guotou Jincheng Metallurgy and other national enterprises, relying on these gold smelting enterprises. Sanmenxia has an annual production capacity of 550000 tons of smelting copper, accounting for more than 2/3 of Henan Province, providing important basic resources for the development of the province's copper industry. The copper industry reached 20 billion yuan last year and has maintained a good development trend since the beginning of this year.

Relying on the industrial accumulation in recent years, Sanmenxia City has formulated a three-year action plan and issued a series of support policies, focusing on promoting the extension, complement and strong chain of the copper industry, centering on emerging industries and key areas. develop high-grade copper foil, high-precision electronic copper strip, special copper, special-purpose copper wire cable and downstream high-tech products. The goal is to strive to reach 300000 tons of copper processing capacity by the end of 2022, the total output value of the copper industry to reach more than 40 billion yuan, copper foil production capacity to reach 83000 tons, called "China Copper foil Valley" brand, to build an influential copper industry base in the country.

Sanmenxia Lingbao City, which is famous for gold smelting, has formed a series of products, such as electrolytic copper foil, calendered copper foil, copper clad laminate, lithium battery copper foil, and so on. The strength shown by several enterprises has subverted the reporter's initial perception that "Lingbao only produces gold."

Lingbao Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, development and application of new Calendering copper foil technology and new products. According to the reporter's understanding, in the past 10 years since its establishment, the company has continuously increased its technical investment to produce all kinds of foil with a thickness of 4 microns to 100 microns and a maximum width of 660 millimeters. It is one of the major Calendering copper foil R & D and manufacturing enterprises in the world. The company's development goal is to build a diversified company based on high technology and with Calendering copper foil as the main industry, and enter the top three in the world Calendering copper foil industry.

Established in November 2015, Lingbao Baoxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of R & D and production of copper foil and a subsidiary of Shenzhen Longdian Huaxin holding Group Co., Ltd. Here, the reporter saw that the machine was producing at full capacity in the neat and closed workshop. Li Huidong, general manager of the company, said in an interview that the Lingbao copper industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain after years of development. "Copper foil is our main product, the required copper wire, copper plate and other upstream raw materials are directly supplied in Lingbao, there is a cost advantage." Li Huidong said. At present, Shenzhen Longdian Huaxin holding Group has a copper foil production capacity of 50, 000 tons, ranking first in the country among domestic enterprises, and because of its good product quality, it is exported to LG, Samsung, Panasonic, SK and other international enterprises. "the national promotion of new energy vehicles is increasing, and the demand for copper foil is increasing. We are optimistic about the market prospect of new energy vehicles. Baoxin's current project with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of lithium electric copper foil will be put into production in June next year. It will become the largest single copper foil factory in China. At that time, Shenzhen Longdian Huaxin holding Group can produce 70,000 tons of lithium copper foil." Li Huidong said that the establishment of the copper industry branch is of great significance in promoting the high-quality development of the copper industry, as well as in maintaining market order and guiding the orderly development of enterprises.

What do you think of the experts who are striding to catch up with the stars?

The report describes the development of Henan copper industry as follows: take the new development concept as the guide, take high-quality development as the goal, appropriately develop copper smelting, vigorously develop high-tech copper deep processing products and new copper-based materials, and increase the proportion of medium and high-end copper deep processing products. Adhere to the scale of upstream enterprises, downstream enterprise differentiation, specialization and high-end, business internationalization, raw material diversification, technological innovation and product upgrading as the main direction, open up new applications of copper, and occupy the strategic commanding heights. On the basis of improving the capacity of resource security and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, we will vigorously develop recycled copper recycling economy. In order to promote industrial integration and reorganization, cultivate large leading enterprises and optimize industrial layout, we should remove institutional barriers and strive to develop the copper industry into the second largest non-ferrous metal industry in Henan Province. comprehensively enhance the comprehensive ability of Henan copper industry to participate in international competition.

The report also makes it clear that in order to build Henan into a strong province of copper industry and an internationally competitive copper industry base, it is necessary to strengthen a cluster, build two foundations, and consolidate the advantages of the three places.

Strengthen a cluster. Take the Central Plains gold smelting as the leader, rely on the construction of high-performance copper projects, and quickly expand and strengthen the Sanmenxia copper industry cluster by creating the brand of "China Copper foil Valley". We will speed up the development of key technologies such as lead frame copper strips for the electronic information industry, high-precision copper foil, and high-performance special copper for high-speed railways to meet market demand. We will implement the principle of specialized production and guide small and medium-sized copper processing enterprises to develop deeply processed products such as copper foil, copper bar and wire with their own characteristics, so as to form a pattern of vigorous development of the copper processing industry.

Build two bases. Relying on the Luoyang Copper processing Base of Chinalco Luoyang Copper processing Base, Luoyang City gives full play to the advantages of Henan University of Science and Technology and China Color Science and Technology in the research and development of new copper alloy materials and the manufacture of high-end equipment. Actively expand the application of high-end copper products in the fields of national defense and military industry, electronic information, new energy, etc., such as 725 Institute of China Shipping Group, AVIC Optoelectronics, AVIC Lithium, and other units. Efforts will be made to create an innovative base for the "industry-university-research and application" of the copper industry, which has an important influence in China. We will strengthen the construction of the recycling system of scrap copper and actively build the industrial base of recycled copper in Changge Dazhou.

Consolidate the advantages of the three places. Further consolidate the leading position of Xinxiang global precision copper pipe and expand the market share of high-end copper strip. Take Yuguang gold and lead as the leader, give full play to the advantages of copper smelting technology, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of copper resources, extend the industrial chain, and actively plan downstream high value-added copper processing projects. Adopt new technologies such as continuous casting and rolling shaft furnace to promote industrial upgrading and further consolidate the leading position of Gongyi copper wire and cable industry in the country.

At the same time, take resource guarantee and technological progress as the starting point, actively promote strategic cooperation; take platform construction as an opportunity to improve the innovation system and enhance the ability of industrial innovation; strive to build a number of intelligent factories and workshops; do a good job in attracting investment downstream of the industrial chain and expand the scale of the industry.

The goal is clear, the train of thought is clear. For Henan copper industry to achieve high-quality development, experts have made suggestions and suggestions.

Zhang Jilin, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Nonferrous Metal processing Industry Association, said: "at present, the COVID-19 epidemic is raging around the world, the international market demand is shrinking, the ideological trend of anti-globalization is rampant, the foreign trade environment is deteriorating day by day, and domestic consumer demand is facing the top. Some deep-seated structural old problems are intertwined with new problems emerging under the new situation, and the development of the industry is facing new challenges."

He pointed out: in March this year, the state proposed to speed up investment in "new infrastructure". Recently, the central government proposed to speed up the formation of a new development pattern in which internal circulation is dominant and domestic and international double cycles promote each other, thus pointing out the direction for the future development of the copper processing industry and providing new opportunities. How to seize the opportunity requires the broad masses of colleagues in the industry, especially entrepreneurs to think carefully.

In this regard, he proposed that, first, it is necessary to adjust the thinking of development. Enterprises should change from the pursuit of scale expansion to the pursuit of quality and efficiency, combine their own advantages, develop in the direction of "fine, specialized, special and new", and constantly become better and stronger.

Second, it is necessary to earnestly strengthen independent innovation. The "new infrastructure" and double cycle not only provide new momentum and increase new demand for the development of the industry, but also put forward higher requirements for the product quality, variety and service ability of the industry. whether we can seize the opportunity depends on whether we can provide satisfactory products. This requires that we must be demand-oriented, constantly increase investment in scientific research, and effectively carry out effective innovation.

Third, enterprises should strengthen horizontal exchanges and communication, and strive to build a rational and orderly competition pattern. At present, the development environment of enterprises is becoming more and more complex, but the more complex it is, the more we should strengthen self-discipline and coordination for the sake of the overall interests of the industry, so as to avoid separate wars, disorderly competition and self-harm, and ensure the stability of the industry.

"how can you make money?" "where is my competitiveness?" "how do you compete?" "how to solve the neck jam technology?" Song Kexing, chairman of Henan Nonferrous Metals Society and vice president of Henan University of Science and Technology, issued a "soul torture" against the impulse of corporate investment.

In his view, the first is that the market positioning of the project should be accurate to meet the future market demand; the second is to build the core competitiveness of products, aiming at foreign counterparts, to understand its core technology; and the third is the best operation mode. Whether it is a new project or mergers and acquisitions, more consideration of the investment payback period, two years to recover the investment, is a good project.

The blueprint has been drawn and the trumpet has been sounded. It is expected that the copper industry in Henan will rise with great strides and efforts.

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