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The profits of steel mills have been compressed. Can the third round of coke increase hit the ground?
Sep 23,2020 09:20CST
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SMM News: "the overall supply and demand side of the coke market is still tight, but with the weakening of steel prices, steel mill profits have been significantly compressed, part of the terminal mentality tends to ease, no longer pursue higher inventory, for the third round of price increases are also more resistant." Liu Yanjun, director of Fenwei Energy Price Center, said.

It is understood that in recent days, except for the unsatisfactory arrival of individual steel mills, the arrival of most northern steel mills has slightly improved, and inventory has risen steadily. In terms of the port, there are not many spot resources that can be circulated, and some of the resources are quoted at the cash exchange of 1940 RMB1950 / ton. traders are currently relatively cautious and wait-and-see, and the receiving party is mainly Changxie Steel Plant.

In terms of coking coal, the overall shipment of coking coal is good, and the shipment of low-sulfur main coking coal in Changzhi and Linfen areas is smooth, and the plant is basically in a state of low inventory or zero inventory. In terms of coking coal blending, due to the slowdown of coal mine inventory pressure and the recent improvement of the market, the mainstream coal mine in Changzhi area has risen 20 million 30 yuan / ton.

With regard to the import of Mongolian coal, Chaganhada inventory has dropped to a low level, some enterprises have increased their transportation, and the freight charge for mid-market (from Kengkou to Chaganhada) has been raised to 90mur100 yuan / ton. "in the current situation where traders are actively pulling and transport vehicles are tight, there is still room for mid-market freight to rise." Liu Yanjun said.

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