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Tesla battery daily product mass production in 2022 * Weima completed 10 billion D-round financing
Sep 22,2020 10:59CST
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[Musk: mass production of battery products per day "it's still early." Partners are reassured that battery procurement will only increase. Tesla's "Battery Day" activity is imminent, and Musk's public remarks have become the focus of everyone's interpretation. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter on Sept. 21 that the launch of Tesla's Battery Day affects long-term production and that the announced products will not be able to achieve real mass production until 2022, especially the production of Semi,Cybertruck and Roadster. In addition, he added, "Tesla will increase rather than reduce battery purchases from partners such as Panasonic, LG and Ningde era (there may also be other partners)." But even if battery suppliers develop at maximum speed, we can still foresee severe supply shortages in 2022 and beyond, unless we take action ourselves. "


[Tesla is interested in setting up an R & D center in India is in dialogue with the local government] Tesla is in dialogue with the Indian local government, and the electric car maker is interested in building an R & D center in India. For Tesla, India is a market they have always wanted to enter but difficult to enter.

[the largest single-round financing amount in the history of the new car-building power was born and D-round completed 10 billion financing.] on September 22nd, Weima Automobile announced that it had completed a total financing of 10 billion yuan for D-round, which is also the largest single-round financing in the history of the new car-building power. This round of financing is jointly led by Shanghai State-owned Investment platform and SAIC Group. Baidu and SIG Asia Investments (SIG) continue to participate in this round of financing. Other participants include Hubei Yangtze River Industrial Fund, Suzhou Kunshan Industrial Fund, Hunan Hengyang State-owned Investment platform, Anhui Hefei Industrial Fund, State Investment Chuangyi Industrial Fund, Guangzhou Financial holding Group and other state-owned industry investors. As well as Xin Xin, Ziguang, Hongta Group, Agile, Pacific Century and other powerful investment institutions, the funds raised will mainly be used for intelligent technology research and development, brand building, digital marketing and channel development.

[Volkswagen ID.4 Electric SUV is about to be launched in the United States for free charging for three years] it is reported that on Sept. 21, Volkswagen announced an agreement with Electrify America that its charging network will provide "three years of unlimited charging" for Volkswagen's upcoming electric SUV ID.4 in the United States, which has been included in the price of ID.4. Electrify America, the company founded by Volkswagen to settle the diesel fuel scandal with the US Environmental Protection Agency, has signed direct agreements with some carmakers to provide charging services for its new electric cars. Now, Electrify America will use its largest outdoor DC fast charging network in the United States to provide an unlimited number of charges for the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV for three years at no extra charge in addition to the purchase price.

[Russian electric vehicle sales rose 62% in August compared with the same period last year] Russian satellite news agency reported on September 21 that Russian electric vehicle sales increased by 62%. Data show that Russia sold 81 electric vehicles in August 2020, an increase of 62% over the same period last year. The electric vehicle market has grown for two months in a row, with sales up 17% in July 2020.

[ideal car has reached a partnership with Nvidia to carry its Orin series chips] ideal cars today announced a partnership with Nvidia to carry the latest generation of Nvidia's Orin series chips. Ideal car is also the first newly built car force equipped with Orin series chips in China. It is understood that the Orin series chip is a car chip that British Great spent four years to invest billions of dollars to build. It was released at the end of last year and will begin mass production in 2022.

[Weilai NOP and the latest energy replenishment plan will be released at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show] on September 26th, Weilai will once again move the Weilai Center (NIO House) into the auto show, build the Weilai Center | 2020 Beijing International Automobile Expo, and land with all its models. At this auto show, Weilai will announce the news related to the upgrade of NIO OS version 2.7.0, Navigate on Pilot (NOP) navigation aids are officially launched.

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