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Signed five agreements at a time. Shanghai Jinshan integrated circuit industry is "emerging".
Sep 22,2020 10:16CST
Source:Wechat official account of "Wise Building Jinshan"
[signed five agreements at one time Shanghai Jinshan integrated circuit industry is "emerging". On September 17, relevant leaders of Zhongguancun Rongxin Financial Information Industry Alliance led responsible persons of Zhilu Capital, Huitong, Huatong Core Power, Future Island Company, and other enterprises to pay a special visit to Shanghai Jinshan, during which a package of cooperation agreements such as strategic docking, project landing, and joint construction fund were signed, with a total signing amount of 4.5 billion yuan. And held the unveiling ceremony of the project company.
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SMM: September 17, Zhongguancun Rongxin Financial Information Industry Alliance relevant leaders led Zhilu Capital, Huitong, Huatong Core Power, Future Island Company and other enterprise responsible persons to Shanghai Jinshan special visit, during the signing of strategic docking, project landing, co-construction fund and other package of cooperation agreements, the total signing amount reached 4.5 billion yuan, and held the unveiling ceremony of the project company. After Hu Weiguo, secretary of the Jinshan District CPC Committee, led a team to Beijing on August 26 this year, the two sides continued to deepen exchanges and communication and promote practical cooperation, which is of great significance to the further development and expansion of the Jinshan integrated circuit industry.

In recent years, Jinshan District has taken the integrated circuit industry as a strategic emerging industry with emphasis on development, further optimized the business environment, focused on the new generation of information technology industrial clusters, and took differentiated positioning and characteristic development as the investment route. Deep ploughing in the fields of optoelectronics, microelectronics and electronic information materials, a large number of high-quality projects in the field of electronic information have successively settled in Jinshan, effectively driving the vigorous development of the integrated circuit industry in the region.

At the ceremony, Liu Jian, deputy secretary of the Jinshan District CPC Committee and district mayor, congratulated the signing of the agreement and the unveiling of the enterprise, thanked the industrial alliance for its long-term support, and said: "Jinshan District is a high-end manufacturing highland in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region. Around the strategy of 'two zones and one castle', we will further promote the construction of a new generation of information technology industrial clusters focusing on integrated circuits and strengthen cooperation with the alliance. Promote related projects to take root and thrive in Jinshan, break down industry barriers, and embark on a road of localization of China's integrated circuit industry chain. "

"strong cooperation" to build a solid foundation for development

Follow the trend and take advantage of the situation. By comprehensively strengthening the strategic cooperation with Zhongguancun Rongxin Financial Information Industry Alliance, Jinshan District mainly focuses on upstream and downstream industrial chain projects, continuously increases the intensity of attracting investment in the industrial chain, and further promotes the three major projects of "building chain, replenishing chain, and strong chain". Continue to "go out, please come in", and strive to establish an industrial chain covering design, manufacturing, closed testing, equipment, materials and application. The Huatong Core Power and Zhilu closed test project signed this time is very representative. At the ceremony, Li Bin, chairman of the Industrial Alliance, said: "the Industrial Alliance will strengthen industrial cooperation with the Jinshan District government, expand the integration of industry and finance, promote the landing of projects and industrial upgrading, and contribute to the construction of a new development pattern in which domestic and international cycles promote each other."

In order to support the ecological development of strategic emerging industries, Zhongguancun Rongxin Financial Information Industry Alliance (, FITA)) is jointly initiated by a number of science and technology enterprises, commercial banks and investment institutions in the spirit of "sharing and creating value". The purpose of the alliance is to strengthen the study of industrial strategic layout, support industrial ecological development, establish an efficient investment and financing platform and cooperation and exchange platform, and promote the common development of both sides of investment and financing and the industry. At present, the alliance has 15 governing units and more than 100 member units, with an annual output value of more than one trillion yuan.

The investment body of Zhilu closed test project ranks third in the world in the field of (UTAC), automotive electronic semiconductor packaging and testing. Headquartered in Singapore, it has nine factories in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia and employs more than 10,000 people worldwide. Has the world's leading product technology, broad business coverage, as well as efficient production capacity and profitability. The project will take UTAC as the main body to invest in the construction of packaging test and manufacturing base in Jinshan, build new features such as high reliability QFN and SiP packaging technology and wafer level packaging R & D center in Jinshan, which is expected to reach production in 2024.

Huatong Core Power Project has a total investment of 2.9 billion yuan for the GaN industry chain project, which invests in the construction of a 4-or 6-inch compound semiconductor production line, which is expected to reach production in 2024, with annual production and sales of about 2.98 billion yuan and annual tax revenue of about 200 million yuan. "Industrial Fund" attracts Industrial agglomeration

Shanghai is not only the center of the development of China's integrated circuit industry, but also the leader of the development of the national integrated circuit industry, with unique industrial and talent advantages. Jinshan, as the bridgehead of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the important bearing area of the manufacturing brand in Shanghai, actively seizes the historical opportunity of the development of integrated circuits, a strategic emerging industry, and cooperates with the Rongxin Industry Alliance to jointly set up a development fund of more than 2.5 billion yuan for the integrated circuit industry, forming a development pattern of "one project, one fund, one policy" for the integrated circuit industry. Through the innovative mode of "base + fund + infrastructure", we will attract more high-quality integrated circuit enterprises to settle down and create a "core and faceted" integrated circuit industry.

The key project signed this time, the Zhilu advanced closed test project, continues the "fund + base" Synchronize promotion model, through the establishment of a fund to participate in the overseas merger and acquisition of Singapore United Technology Holdings Co., Ltd., and Singapore United Technology Holdings Limited as the main body of investment. Huatong Core Power is a close connection between Jinshan District and Huitong Research Institute under the Industrial Alliance to set up Huitong Science and Technology Venture Capital Fund and introduce Huatong Core Power project. in the later stage, the semiconductor ecological chain is built by the way of core project + industrial chain enterprise landing.

"favorable Environment" to create a Service Highland

In the process of project cooperation and promotion, the service attitude of "waiter" has won high praise from the project units. Since the establishment of the cooperative relationship between the two sides, Jinshan District has worked hard with the project through the working mechanisms such as "work special class", "whole-process agency", "biweekly regular meeting" and so on. Taking the Huatong core power project as an example, the office arrangements of the project's preparatory personnel were completed within one day, the project company completed the project from name checking to business license processing within a week, and the preparation and review of the project feasibility study report within one month. Efficient and high-quality service and pragmatic style not only enhanced the confidence of the industry alliance to cooperate with Jinshan and invested in Jinshan, but also demonstrated Jinshan's efforts to create a high-quality business environment. The determination to develop the industry with all its strength.

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