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In late September, the supply and demand of large-size panels continued to tighten by about 10% in the fourth quarter.
Sep 22,2020 08:57CST
[supply and demand for large panels tightened in late September by about 10% in the fourth quarter]
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SMM: according to a survey by the display Research Division of TrendForce Jibang Consulting, panel quotations in the third quarter showed an increase rarely seen in recent years, of which the price of notebook panels rose by 510% in the whole quarter, and the average price of TV panels rose by more than 30%. In the fourth quarter, the oversupply of large-size panels was only 0.2%, which means that the supply of some applications will continue to fall short of demand, and it is estimated that panel prices still have 10% room to rise.

Societe Generale Securities Xie Heng and others published a research report on September 14, pointing out that the panel boom continues to rise, overseas peak season stock is active, other more profitable products such as IT applications, car applications, etc., obvious compression of large-size panel production capacity, panel prices continue to rise before the end of October has become a foregone conclusion, Samsung South Korea production line shut down in the fourth quarter under the background of supply contraction, it is expected that the panel price Q4 off-season is not light.

The research newspaper pointed out that in the future panel pattern of the four major regions in the world, it is estimated that the remaining LGD LCD capacity of Korean factories is less than 10%, that of Taiwan factories is about 20%, that of Taiwan factories is about 22%, that of Sharp in Japan is about 8% to 9%, that of mainland China will exceed 65% or even 70% in the future, and that the growth of overall large-scale LCD production capacity will drop by about 3% (area) from the growth of previous 7%. After the end of the stage of large-scale investment in the global panel industry, the goal of panel factories has changed from full production climbing to the pursuit of profitability, and the profitability of listed panel enterprises will gradually improve.

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TCL Technology: the company and its holding subsidiary TCL Huaxing will acquire 60% of (SSL) and 100% of (SSM) of Suzhou Samsung Electronics LCD Technology Co., Ltd for $1.08 billion (RMB 7.62 billion), according to the company's announcement on Aug. 28. After the completion of this acquisition, TCL Huaxing will have 3 full-production 8.5 generation lines, 1 full-production 11-generation line and 1 11-generation line under construction.

Shentianma A: the company has the 2nd to 6th generation TFT-LCD production line, the 5.5th generation AMOLED production line and the 6th generation AMOLED production line. The 5.5th generation and 6th generation LTPS TFT-LCD production line continues to maintain full production and sales from the beginning of production to 2019, and the yield, process technology and product performance have all reached the leading level in the industry.

BOE A: global LCD panel leader, currently there are 12 mass production lines, including 10 LCD production lines.

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