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[today's Nickel Market] Shanghai Nickel dived by more than 2% in the afternoon and fell to an one-month low * Naiman announced the construction of the nickel project through Ann Nonferrous.
Sep 21,2020 17:24CST
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Nickel spot

Nickel spot: the focus of the nickel futures market this morning revolves around a narrow range of fluctuations of 116000 yuan / ton. in the spot market, the quotation is still the same as last Friday, and the mainstream quotation: Russo Nickel to 11 contracts up 1500 yuan / ton, Jinchuan Nickel to 11 contracts up 1500 yuan / tonne, nickel board quotations are relatively uniform, the morning market inquiry situation is OK, the trading volume is generally the same as last Friday, and the downstream terminals pick up goods on demand, so I have not heard of large orders. In the morning market, the turnover of Sichuan Nickel is slightly weaker than that of Russian Nickel. The ex-factory price of Jinchuan today was 117500 yuan / ton, down 800 yuan / ton from last Friday and unchanged from last Thursday. Nickel beans in the morning market newspaper paste 800 to paste 700 yuan / ton, a small number of transactions have been reached in the morning market.

Market analysis

[SMM analysis: Shanghai nickel diving fell by more than 2%, but short-term nickel mine price rise support! Today, Shanghai Nickel opened low and dived in the afternoon, the decline quickly widened to more than 2%, and the futures price has fallen to its lowest level in more than a month. SMM believes that recent nickel prices fluctuate mainly with macro factors, and the market releases the power of adjustment after a wave of weak market in the early days of the US dollar. in addition, many short-term factors are apparent in terms of fundamentals. in addition to the positive rising prices of nickel mines, there are also negative effects of stainless steel prices peaking to make nickel prices under pressure. therefore, although nickel prices do not have a long-term sharp downward trend, they are also relatively lack of power to pick up in the short term. It is estimated that this week, Shanghai nickel is 114000-120000 yuan / ton, Lunni is 14800-15400 US dollars / ton. "View details

[SMM Forecast: stainless steel futures fell by more than 8% in September under the cost support of brakes in the fourth quarter! The price of 300 series stainless steel fluctuates greatly. After rising continuously in July and August, there was a sharp correction in September. On the one hand, due to the high price increase in the previous period, it is difficult for the current market demand to support the high price. On the other hand, the decline of nickel price and stainless steel contract price has a certain pressure impact on the stainless steel spot market. However, under the support of cost, the downward space of stainless steel is limited, and it is expected that it will be stable in the fourth quarter. "View details

Important news

[inner Mongolia (Naiman) Jingan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. Nickel-based alloy new material project construction content of Inner Mongolia (Naiman) Jingan Nonferrous Metal Materials Co., Ltd. the construction content of the new nickel-based alloy project is to build an annual output of 1.2 million tons of Ni-Fe alloy, 600000 tons of Si-mn alloy, 400000 tons of high-carbon ferrochromium production line and 1.2947 million tons of steelmaking production line. The total investment of the project is 15 billion yuan, of which 18 nickel-iron production lines in the first phase are planned to invest 5 billion yuan, with a total investment of 5.069 billion yuan since the start of construction. "View details

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