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SMM visits Jiangxi-- Guixi Zhongnan Copper Co., Ltd.
Sep 21,2020 17:17CST
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SMM9 March 21: in order to help the market set a reasonable price, reduce transaction costs, serve enterprises related to the copper industry chain, provide a true reflection of the spot market prices, and help the industry develop better, after SMM visited the local recycled copper rod enterprises in Jiangxi in July 2020, SMM added a price for 8mm protection rod in Jiangxi. After two months of public testing and adjustment, the quotation was officially released on the SMM website on September 1, 2020. From September 15 to September 16, SMM visited some price point enterprises and discussed the price point in depth.

The third stop-Guixi Zhongnan Copper Co., Ltd.

On the afternoon of September 15th, Ye Jianhua, director of big data Department of Shanghai Nonferrous Network Information Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Dean, senior manager of copper group, Xinyong, copper group analyst, and his entourage went to Guixi Copper Industry Circular economy Base to visit Guixi Zhongnan Copper Co., Ltd. he was warmly received by Guo Sen, deputy general manager of the company.

Guo Sen, deputy general manager of Guixi Zhongnan Copper Co., Ltd., gave a general introduction to the production and operation of the enterprise, adding that copper production enterprises need huge funds, and their sales are generally dominated by spot cash, which is difficult to cooperate with some downstream where the account period is too long. At the same time, spot cash is also conducive to reducing enterprise risk. After the visit, SMM and his party had a more intuitive understanding of the whole production process of Guixi Zhongnan Copper Co., Ltd., and had a strong interest in the relevant technological process. The two sides agreed to carry out more in-depth communication and cooperation in all aspects.

Guixi Zhongnan Copper Co., Ltd.

In the face of the complex and changeable economic situation and copper price pressure, Guixi Zhongnan Copper Co., Ltd. rose up against the trend, fully carried forward the enterprise spirit of daring, indomitable and keeping pace with the times, wholeheartedly striving for development and no distractions to become stronger. With higher quality as a breakthrough, let the strength of the enterprise continue to grow. In 2019, the company produces 110000 tons of products, the output value reaches 5.07 billion yuan, and pays 556 million yuan in profits and tax. in 2020, it is expected that the output will reach 130000 tons, the output value will reach 5.5 billion yuan, and the profits and taxes will reach 600 million yuan.

The company is a large-scale modern non-ferrous metal processing enterprise, mainly recycling and processing waste resources, waste materials and copper scrap, and carrying out the production, processing and sales of copper, copper bar, copper rod and copper wire. The company began to build the factory in January 2017, the first production line was completed and put into production in August 2017, and the second production line was completed and put into production in March 2019. The production equipment is the most advanced continuous casting and rolling production line in China. Equipped with the most advanced anoxic combustion method of natural gas and liquid oxygen, the copper rod produced meets the 9001 and 9002 national certification, and the products radiate East China, South China, Northeast China and North China.

In terms of technological application, the company has tapped potential and increased efficiency obviously through the research and application of new technology, new technology and equipment upgrading, etc. The production capacity of a single production line has increased from 14 tons per hour to 18 tons per hour, and every bundle and plate of products, from resistance and stretching to the extension rate, is determined to ensure that unqualified products do not leave the factory, be responsible to customers, be responsible to users, and strictly control product quality through the implementation of lean management. The products are favored by the market and customers. In 2019, the company was awarded the title of Top 20 most popular Brands in China's Copper Bar and Wire Industry, Top 100 Private Enterprises in Jiangxi Province, and Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Jiangxi Province.

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