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Jinchuan Group High Purity Metal Industry ingenuity to create Industry hard Core products
Sep 21,2020 14:03CST
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SMM News: over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Jinchuan Group has inserted the wings of taking off, relying on science and technology to revitalize enterprises, go abroad to integrate into the global economic integration, and become a multinational enterprise group with diversified business and global layout.

In 2002, in order to speed up scientific and technological progress, adjust industrial layout and extend the industrial chain, Jinchuan Group established in Yuzhong County, Lanzhou, with the vision of rebuilding a new technology-based Jinchuan Science and Technology Park. Over the years, Jinchuan Science and Technology Park has persisted in taking scientific and technological innovation as strategic support and vivid energy to speed up the development of nickel-cobalt new materials, battery materials and precious metal materials industry. it has built pilot-scale platforms such as the development of new nickel-cobalt non-ferrous materials, battery materials and the comprehensive utilization of waste batteries, and mastered the preparation technology of new products such as multi-specification nickel-cobalt-manganese and nickel-cobalt-aluminum ternary precursors and precious metal catalysts.

An enterprise without a boutique is an enterprise without a future. It is this belief that, guided by scientific and technological innovation and adhering to the concept of quality first, the high-purity workshop of the Science and Technology Park has decided to do hard core technology in the industry.

When high-purity nickel products were certified by a high-end customer in the industry in 2019, everyone cheered. Four customers arrived at the Science and Technology Park to review and confirm that we are their qualified and only supplier! In the process of communication, the customer said: "We want to cooperate with Jinchuan to do a big thing!" Japan has monopolized nickel-platinum alloy targets for many years, because only they can do it. I hope our cooperation can break this monopoly and produce Chinese chips with the best raw materials. Our cooperation is also another form of 'War of Resistance'! " . When this gentleman will break the monopoly of Japanese enterprises on the high-end target market and rise to the height of the "Anti-Japanese War", not only the high-purity workshop, but also the heart of the entire Jinchuan Science and Technology Park is also full of shock, this is the Chinese national complex arises spontaneously, this is even more as the Chinese people have Chinese self-confidence!

There is only one mode of supply in the high-end target market, that is, "1x 0". Once there is a supply problem, the opportunity will be completely lost. In December 2019, customers reported that titanium impurities in high purity nickel products were unusually high! The two sides urgently hold a conference call to work out their own investigation plan. The whole staff will work overtime and complete the 5-day task in 2 days to make the customer order re-delivery. Although the order is redelivered, why does it cause product contamination? Is it a raw material? Craftsmanship? Or is the test result abnormal? Become a heart disease for everyone in the high-purity workshop. After a comprehensive investigation, the traces of the remaining titanium sheets were finally found on the shearing machine, which turned out to be not fine in the operation, resulting in titanium impurities mixed with titanium impurities in the product shearing process, which is such a careless one, which has brought inestimable losses to both the company and customers. After explaining the situation to the customer, the customer feedback said: "things are not so plain sailing, encountered problems are most afraid of not finding the real cause, this problem is a test for us and Jinchuan, but also to us and Jinchuan quality management put forward higher requirements."

Instead of hearing the reproach, I heard the guidance. Let Jinchuan Gaochun be more determined to do a good job in each procedure and improve the quality awareness of the whole staff. At present, Jinchuan, in cooperation with the customer, has successfully broken the monopoly of Japanese enterprises and obtained 50% of the purchase volume of the major chip manufacturers!

High purity manganese material is a key raw material for sputtering targets in the field of semiconductors, and its purity is required to reach more than 5N. At present, this technology is still blank in China. In order to fill this domestic technology, but also for the phrase "to do, it is necessary to do industry hard core technology." Since March this year, the high-purity workshop of the Science and Technology Park has carried out a key experiment on 5N high-purity manganese. In the face of this brand-new topic, starting from the design experiment, we should study, discuss and study at the same time. Frowning when the lights are on, fierce quarrels when opinions differ, and attentive eyes during product experiments, like movie frames, are staged around every employee all the time.

The pace of industrialization and internationalization of high-purity products has never stopped. Jinchuan high-purity industry has come to today through chopping waves and chopping waves. Every increase in the purity of each kind of high-purity products is the result of round-the-clock technical research and accurate upgrading and control of the quality of the whole process. In the face of the future, Jinchuan Gaochun will not forget the original ideal and ambition, inherit the spirit of innovation, Qizhu quality Jinchuan!

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