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Guoxuan Hi-Tech Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy Breakthrough + JTM Module Innovation "upwards"
Sep 18,2020 16:18CST
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Volkswagen plans to launch 1.5 million pure electric vehicles on the Chinese market by 2025, requiring battery 100GWh. The top priority of Guoxuan is to do this piece to the extreme and do the best, because this is the market on the doorstep of home. From 10% to 20%, 30%, up to 50% is a lot, then the position of Guoxuan can continue to go up. " On September 17, Xu Xingwu, senior vice president of Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd., said at the "Global New Energy vehicle Industry chain Innovation Conference" sponsored by the China Electric vehicle Association.

Now Guoxuan Hi-Tech ranks sixth in international installed capacity and third in China. According to the statistics of the Power Battery Application Branch, Guoxuan Hi-Tech has installed about 3.31GWH power batteries in China in 2019, second only to Ningde Times and BYD. Xu Xingwu believes that after Volkswagen comes in, the industrial structure will change in the future. "Guoxuan can still rush up, and soldiers who don't want to be generals are not good soldiers."

Break through the energy density ceiling

When it comes to the cooperation between Guoxuan and the public, Xu Xingwu is always eloquent. He said, for example, that Volkswagen talked with Guoxuan Hi-Tech for a long time, and finally went from falling in love to getting married, and is now gradually integrating after investment.

Xu Xingwu revealed that at first Volkswagen only accepted three yuan and did not accept the technical route of lithium iron phosphate. Lithium iron phosphate batteries were synonymous with low-end three or four years ago, because it is generally believed in the industry that "energy density has ceilings." so it can't be used in passenger cars. But Guoxuan Tech continues to break the so-called ceiling and break those so-called inherent ideas.

"the energy density has changed from more 90Wh/kg in 2009 to 120Wh/kg, 130Wh/kg, 150 Whxample kg, to 150Wh/kg, many people thought it was up to the ceiling, and then to 160-180 whip kg. Last year, (Guoxuan) achieved 190 WhCPG. This year, the target pilot test is 210 Whgamkg, indicating that lithium iron phosphate can be achieved. So Volkswagen now accepts lithium iron phosphate. " Xu Xing did not talk about it.

Xu Xingwu said that real marketization is an important prerequisite for cooperation between Volkswagen and Guoxuan Hi-Tech, especially if there is no state subsidy in the future, how to effectively guarantee the supply of resources and the ability to control the final price is very important. The cobalt resources needed for ternary materials are scarce, and the price is bound to rise, which will eventually lead to uncontrollable. Later, the public found out that this was really a big problem. Lithium iron phosphate is very rich in resources, and the current price is very low, and the product can guarantee a very low price in the future; at the same time, the cycle life and safety of lithium iron phosphate are very good, so the public gradually accepted lithium iron phosphate.

JTM module innovation

The improvement of the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery is a systematic project, which makes the energy density of the cell go up. At the same time, the effective grouping technology is also very critical. In fact, it is necessary to increase the energy density of the entire battery pack so that it can charge more in the limited space and provide longer mileage.

Xu Xing did not disclose that Guoxuan Hi-Tech is currently doing a technological innovation of JTM. J is the roll core, M is the module, and JTM is directly placed in the module with the coil core to complete the production at one time. This process has the advantages of low production cost and simple manufacturing process, and is easy to form standardization. Whether it is the Volkswagen MEB platform or moderately flexible large modules, JTM is very adaptable. "just like Transformers, basically 95% of them can achieve the blade battery level in this way, and we can also achieve their energy density."

In addition to increasing energy density, the most obvious benefit of JTM technology is standardization. As we all know, lithium iron phosphate battery has a long cycle life, if it can be standardized module, it can be better used in energy storage, low-speed electric vehicles and other fields. Xu Xingwu says that only by standardizing can things be done easily. Guoxuan Hi-Tech advocates standardization, which is also supported by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The technology has been honed through thousands of efforts.

After working with the public, the help to Guoxuan Hi-Tech is also obvious.

"We pursue 1: 1 > 2." Xu Xingwu said that Volkswagen uses the production base, experience and R & D capabilities of Guoxuan Hi-Tech batteries. Guoxuan Hi-Tech values that Volkswagen, as the world's largest automobile company, has a hundred years of history, as well as R & D, control, production and brand strength. After Volkswagen is stationed, it will jointly set up a team with Guoxuan Hi-Tech to overcome technical difficulties and eventually enter the Volkswagen industrial system.

In terms of material research and development capabilities, Guoxuan Hi-Tech has a very strong material research institute, including ternary materials, lithium iron phosphate materials, precursors, electrolytes, diaphragms, silicon negative electrodes, etc.; in terms of material production capacity, Guoxuan Hi-Tech has its own production base, with a comprehensive layout from R & D to production; in terms of resource control, it has ternary precursor projects with Caofeidian, MCC and BYD. In addition, Guoxuan Hi-Tech is also considering continuing to distribute lithium resources, mainly in western China, while overseas projects are also under negotiation, thus taking key upstream resources into their own hands.

However, Xu Xingwu also said, "even after the joint venture, it is not taken for granted to use your battery, if you do not meet the target requirements also do not use." Entering the supply chain system is the first hurdle, for which Guoxuan Hi-Tech has set a clear goal to gradually turn the red light into a yellow light, and finally into a green light, and then enter the designated nomination after meeting all the requirements, and then discuss the supporting products. It is a very standard operation to expand mass production when the product is really well done.

"this is also an experience for us. Volkswagen's development cycle is very standardized. The development cycle of any car is two or three years, and slow workers can do fine work. So I deeply realize that this will prompt us to improve greatly. " Xu Xingwu said frankly that if Guoxuan Hi-Tech really enters the public's supply chain system, the quality assurance will be done very well, because it has been tempered before.

Be sure to get things done.

Xu Xingwu believes that reshuffling is a trend in the power battery industry. The original 140-150 battery factories in China have gradually become 70-80, and this year there are only 30-40. It is estimated that no more than 10 battery factories will be left in the last three to five years, and the market concentration will continue to increase. Now Tesla has entered the Chinese market, foreign battery manufacturers are also stepping up supporting to seize the market, so the fierce competition pattern will be further deepened.

According to reports, in order to meet market demand and enhance competitiveness, Guoxuan Hi-Tech raised funds to build a 16GWh high specific energy power battery production line, as well as a matching production line of 30, 000 tons of ternary cathode materials. "at present, it is all in full swing. During this period of time, the preparatory work was carried out to confirm the factory site, factory construction qualification, layout plan, etc., because the pre-R & D has been done for two or three years, and all the test data are very good. " Xu Xing did not talk about Tao.

Xu Xingwu said that Tesla is already equipped with Chinese-made batteries, and Guoxuan Hi-Tech also has plans to cooperate with Tesla and joint venture high-end brands. But at present, the first thing for Guoxuan Hi-Tech is to do a good job in cooperation with the public. If the battery of Guoxuan Hi-Tech can not be installed in Volkswagen's car, this is not only the failure of Guoxuan Tech, but also the failure of Volkswagen, so both sides will try their best to get things done.

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