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BYD Chongqing Battery Factory completed eight production lines at the end of the year * Tesla reached an agreement with Volkswagen's charging giant
Sep 18,2020 15:56CST
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[BYD Chongqing battery factory completed eight production lines by the end of the year or full production of 20GWh by the end of the year] at present, BYD is stepping up efforts to increase the production capacity of blade batteries. Among them, Fudi Chongqing factory, as an important production base of blade battery, will build 8 production lines by the end of this year to achieve the capacity target of more than 20GWh. When the Fudi Chongqing plant went into production in June this year, the head of the Fudi Chongqing plant told reporters at that time, "due to higher-than-expected market feedback, we have begun to expand the line and will expand to more than 13GWh by the end of the year." The Fudi plant in Chongqing is designed to have a capacity of 20GWhh, which means the plant may be at full capacity by the end of this year. Regarding the above news, the relevant person in charge of BYD said, "it is expected that this will be the case, and it will eventually be arranged in combination with customer orders."

[Tesla became the most popular car brand in Hong Kong in August] according to the latest vehicle registration data released by the Hong Kong Transport Department, Tesla registered 912 vehicles in August 2020, making it the most popular car brand in Hong Kong, while the Model 3 also became the highest-selling passenger model in Hong Kong, surpassing other fuel and electric passenger cars.

[Tesla's plan for the construction of a super factory in Texas] A few days ago, Tesla officially announced the construction plan of the super factory in Jiga Austin, Texas, showing the face of the future factory for the first time. It is reported that the Texas Super Factory will put into production a number of Tesla cars, including Cybertruck pickups.

[Tesla reached agreement with Volkswagen's charging giant] in 2019, Tesla and Electrify America, a US electric vehicle charging network giant and a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen, announced a cooperation agreement that Tesla will deploy Powerpack battery energy storage system in more than 100 charging stations operated by Electrify America.

[before the "Battery Day", the diameter of Tesla's new cell was doubled and the energy density greatly increased. Now, it is getting closer and closer to Tesla's "Battery Day" on September 22nd. Recently, some overseas media exclusively saw the pictures of the new battery cell independently developed and produced by Tesla, as well as Tesla's new battery production system-Roadrunner. Earlier this year, the media exclusively disclosed Tesla's secret "Roadrunner" plan, including a cell production system designed by Tesla, which is designed to increase production and reduce costs (to US $100 / kWh). Tesla specially built a "Tera battery production plant" on Kato Road next to the Fremont factory to carry out the Roadrunner project. "View details

[Weilai: the third production car EC6 sets the fastest production record.] the first batch of car owners will be produced. In the face of a severe epidemic this year, production and supply have been seriously affected, the third production car EC6 has only taken more than six months to achieve mass production, setting a record for the fastest production, the company said today. The first batch of EC6 delivery owners are about to be produced.

[Volkswagen ID.4 will be put into production in 5 factories on three continents] on September 24th, Volkswagen will officially launch the first MEB platform electric SUV new ID.4 online. Now Volkswagen has hired executives as spokesmen for electric cars to introduce its future electric strategy and confirm that it aims to sell 500000 ID.4 units a year.

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