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BYD E9 will soon be launched in the travel market to accelerate the expansion of blade battery production.
Sep 18,2020 13:26CST
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SMM Network News: BYD E9, the rumored "brother" model of BYD Han, finally surfaced. On Sept. 17, a poster issued by the official account "BYD Peer partner" of BYD Automobile sales Company shows that BYD's all-series quasi-C-class pure electric model E9, from the BNA platform (high-end intelligent car incubator), will be launched in key cities for chauffeured car travel in the fourth quarter of this year.

The relevant person in charge of BYD confirmed to the reporter that the BYD E9 is the low-endurance version of the Han EV model. The comprehensive mileage of Han EV is 605km, with prices starting at 229800 yuan. As a reference, the price of BYD E9 may fall below 200000 yuan.

With regard to the existence of E9, it was first seen in the 8th batch of "recommended Model Catalog for the Promotion and Application of New Energy vehicles" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on July 22 this year. In the catalogue, BYD added a BYD7009BEV3 all-electric car with a range of 430km. At that time, according to the declaration chart, the industry guessed that the car was a low-endurance version of BYD Han and might be named E9, focusing on the travel market.

The above poster confirms this speculation. The poster shows that the model (E9) and the flagship model Han are incubated on the same platform, focusing on the positioning of chauffeured car products, mainly aimed at the business travel market of the ride-hailing platform.

According to the current BYD product system, the e-series released in March 2019 will have a distinction with the dynasty EV series, the e-series will pay more attention to the quality performance-price ratio and the new smart line experience, while the dynasty EV series will pay more attention to technology leadership and extreme performance experience. The two complement each other and form a joint force to fully cover different user groups in the field of new energy vehicles.

According to the positioning of this product, E9 obviously belongs to the former, in order to form a misplaced competition with the Han Dynasty. However, in terms of power, the E9 is also equipped with a blade battery and the same 163kW motor as the Han EV long-range version. From the tail mark, its 100km acceleration time is also 7.9s.

Since the launch of BYD Han, production has been so low due to blade battery capacity and SiC crystal supply problems that Zhao Changjiang, general manager of BYD Automobile sales Company, recently publicly apologized to BYD users and said that "Han's production capacity has exceeded 150 vehicles a day."

The reporter learned from the interior of BYD that BYD is stepping up efforts to improve the production capacity of blade batteries. Among them, Fudi Chongqing factory, as an important production base of blade battery, will build 8 production lines by the end of this year to achieve the capacity target of more than 20GWh.

When the Fudi Chongqing plant went into production in June this year, the head of the Fudi Chongqing plant told reporters at that time, "due to higher-than-expected market feedback, we have begun to expand the line and will expand to more than 13GWh by the end of the year."

The Fudi plant in Chongqing is designed to have a capacity of 20GWhh, which means the plant may be at full capacity by the end of this year.

"it is expected that this will be the case, and in the end, it will have to be arranged in combination with the customer's order." The BYD official did not deny the news that the Fudi plant is accelerating production expansion.

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