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[automobile Summit] Application and Development trend of Aluminum Profiles in New Energy vehicles
Sep 18,2020 09:50CST
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SMM9 March 18: today, at the 2020 (second) China Industry Expo New Materials Forum-China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum and China (8th) Aluminum processing Industry chain supply and demand Trading Summit, co-sponsored by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society, Suzhou Die casting Technology Association and Shanghai Nonferrous net, Sun Wei, deputy general manager of Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd., gave a speech on the theme of "the application of high-end aluminum profiles in new energy vehicles". It is mainly carried out from three aspects: the development trend of aluminum profiles in new energy vehicles, the application of aluminum profiles in new energy vehicles, and the key process control technology of aluminum profiles.

Development trend of Aluminum profile in New Energy vehicle

Sun Wei said that in the future, with the development of lightweight, the market share of new energy vehicles will gradually increase, and the use of aluminum alloy will also increase, among which the proportion of extruded materials mainly used for battery packs and car bodies will also increase. The proportion of extruded materials is expected to reach more than 15% in 2030.

The application of aluminum alloy in new energy vehicles has many advantages, such as reducing weight, improving mileage, improving vehicle mobility and maneuverability, stable, shock absorption, easy recovery and so on. In terms of energy consumption, for every 10% reduction in car weight, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%, mileage can be increased by 13.5%, and 100 km acceleration time can be reduced by 5%.

Application of Aluminum profile in New Energy vehicle

Boarding body

Sun Wei said that the functions of the products mainly include several aspects: to provide longitudinal collision protection and collision force transmission; to provide shape protection for aerodynamic design; to provide installation support points such as roof panels and skylights; to provide interactive connections between the roof and chassis and car body; to provide installation points for doors and safety parts; and to form a cage structure to improve overall stiffness.

Product features: three-dimensional multi-curvature bending parts; multi-cavity structure; certain strength; high precision requirements

Product advantages: the use of medium and high strength alloy to improve the safety of the car body; integrated extrusion and bending forming to improve the longitudinal stiffness and structural safety of the car body

Protective device

Product function: balance the longitudinal collision force to the energy absorption box; absorb the longitudinal collision force to protect the cab safety; provide protection for the engine assembly in medium and low speed collision

Product features: single curvature change; multi-cavity structure; high plasticity in dynamic and static collisions

Product advantages: the use of multi-cell structure, good energy absorption effect; balance of multi-cell shape and layout, with higher deformation uniformity; compared with steel, the degree of lightweight is higher.

Get off the car body

Product function: connect the middle and rear of the body chassis; provide assembly points for parts such as battery packs; provide collision force guidance; provide auxiliary energy absorption to protect the safety of the cab.

Product features: thin-walled, multi-cavity, high dimensional accuracy; have a certain strength; thin-walled, multi-cavity structure is complete

Product advantages: extrusion, bending and machining molding are adopted to maintain structural integration and improve stiffness; compared with die castings, it has good ductility and high strength; integrated design of parts reduces the error accumulation of multiple connections; compared with steel, the degree of lightweight is high.

Three electricity system

Product function: provide safety protection, anti-collision, stone impact and other working conditions; provide modular use and maintenance; provide heat dissipation and good operating environment

Product features: high overall dimensional accuracy; thin-walled, multi-cavity, wide and flat profiles; large cross-section, thick-walled, integrated forming; hard anodizing surface treatment technology; high insulation, breakdown voltage resistance, high corrosion resistance

Product advantages: multi-cavity thin-walled profile, good weight loss effect; integrated embedded forced water cooling and fin natural heat dissipation technology; guarantee for safe operation of battery pack; integrated extrusion to reduce manufacturing cost and cycle; excellent corrosion resistance

Chassis part

The function of the product: to reduce the off-spring quality of the car, and to improve the dynamic handling and comfort of the vehicle.

Product features: high strength, high toughness, high purity, good corrosion resistance, excellent microstructure uniformity

Product advantages: high strength of the alloy, uniform microstructure, microscopic grain size grade up to grade 7, and flaw detection grade up to grade A.

Seat tracks and decorations

Product function: to provide seat positioning and convenient installation; to realize the front and rear sliding and limit constraint of the seat; interior parts to improve the beauty of the whole vehicle

Product features: seat guideway adopts 7XXX series high-strength aluminum alloy with good glossiness

Product advantages: seat guideway has good strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance; interior decoration is beautiful, has good corrosion resistance, stain resistance, dirty color difference

Key process Control Technology of Aluminum profile

The key process control technologies of aluminum profiles include melting and casting control, extrusion control, bending control, connection control and surface treatment.

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