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Does the Ningde era really want to enter photovoltaic? The first order 2.5 billion has been landed.
Sep 16,2020 15:51CST
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SMM: September 14, Wuxi pilot Intelligent equipment Co., Ltd. issued a notice, the company intends to introduce Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as a strategic investor. According to the announcement, the pilot Intelligence plans to raise no more than 2.5 billion yuan to invest in five projects such as the pilot high-end intelligent equipment South China headquarters manufacturing base project. The issue price is 36.05 yuan per share, and Ningde Times plans to subscribe for all the shares in this issue. Leading Intelligence shares opened 13% higher at the start of trading on September 15.

Last month, Ningde Times issued an announcement that in order to promote the global strategic layout and ensure the supply of key resources in the industry, it plans to invest no more than 19.067 billion yuan in high-quality listed enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain at home and abroad in the form of securities investment. This transaction means that leading Intelligence has become the first enterprise with an investment of 19 billion yuan in the Ningde era.

Leading Intelligence said in the announcement that in order to concentrate the resources and platform advantages of the company and Ningde era, increase cooperation in business areas such as lithium battery equipment, and jointly promote the rapid and healthy development of the company's various businesses, and comprehensively enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness and influence, the company intends to introduce Ningde era as a strategic investor by issuing shares to specific objects.

Pilot Intelligence pointed out that Ningde era is an important customer in the leading intelligent downstream, and has a strong competitive advantage in the industry. Through this strategic investment, the two sides will help to strengthen the coordination of the industry chain for direct procurement of lithium power equipment. And through technical cooperation to achieve product technology upgrading and iterative innovation of production processes. At the same time, Ningde era has a wide range of new energy automobile industry resources around the world, and its global layout is also highly consistent with the company's global development direction. in the future, the two sides will strengthen the coordination of resources on a global scale. to provide strategic support and global business coordination for the company's business expansion.

At present, the participants in the power battery industry are mainly concentrated in China, Japan and South Korea. According to SNE Research statistics, the shipments of the top 10 power battery companies in the world in 2019 were 101.4 GWH, accounting for 86.9% of global power battery shipments, and the market concentration further increased, of which Ningde era ranked first. At present, Ningde era has planned and built five major bases in Ningde, Liyang, Xining, Yibin and Germany, and has joint venture production capacity with SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile, FAW, Dongfeng and Geely, which continues to expand.

It is understood that the pilot Intelligence specializes in the R & D, design, production and sales of high-end automation complete sets of equipment, providing high-end fully automatic intelligent equipment and overall solutions for manufacturers of energy-saving, environmental protection and new energy products such as lithium batteries, photovoltaic batteries / modules, 3C, thin film capacitors and so on. In recent years, the leading intelligence continues to increase the layout of the whole industry chain of lithium power equipment.

Ningde Times is the world's leading provider of power battery systems, focusing on the research, development, production and sales of power battery systems and energy storage systems for new energy vehicles. Ningde era has core technical advantages in key areas of the industrial chain, such as battery materials, battery systems, battery recycling and so on. There have been media reports that Ningde era is planning to set up a perovskite research team to enter the photovoltaic field, but the news has not been confirmed by Ningde era.

In 2019, Ningde era's operating income reached 45.788 billion yuan, net profit reached 5.013 billion yuan, total assets reached 101.352 billion yuan, net assets reached 42.188 billion yuan, revenue and assets are in the industry leading level.

Leading Intelligence is the upstream equipment supplier in Ningde era. In recent years, many large orders have been obtained in Ningde era. In the future, with the vigorous development of new energy vehicle industry and the continuous landing of production capacity investment plans in Ningde era, the demand for lithium power equipment in Ningde era will continue to release.

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