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Antofagasta Chile Los Pelambres Copper Mine plans to use seawater
Sep 16,2020 11:28CST
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SMM9 March 16: according to the investment proposal submitted by Antofagasta (Antofagasta) for its Los Pelambres copper mine in Chile, the mine may stop using water from the Choapa River and nearby wells, and instead mainly use seawater from 2025.

In this way, the amount of water available for its operation can be guaranteed to extend its operation beyond 2035, and the current environmental permit for the mine expires until 2035.

In addition, Antofagasta also proposes to use modern control systems to build a new concentrate transport system, away from densely populated areas. It is used to ensure that the maintenance will not affect the daily life of the surrounding community.

Antofagasta has a 60 per cent stake in the mine, which produced 363400 tonnes of copper, 11200 tonnes of molybdenum and 59700 ounces of gold in 2019.

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