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Envision seeks to build a battery factory in France
Sep 15,2020 15:14CST
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SMM9 March 15: Envision, a French newspaper, reported on Sunday that China Vision Energy Co., Ltd. is seeking to invest hundreds of millions of euros in building a battery factory in France to meet the growing electric battery market. The new battery factory is expected to start production by the end of 2023 and will create about 1,000 jobs.

The company has battery production plants in Japan, the United States and China, and it is reported that there are 12 locations to choose from.

Vision Technology Group (Envision Group) is a leading global green technology company. With the mission of "solving challenges for the sustainable future of mankind", the Group owns Smart Wind Power Technology Enterprise Vision Energy, Smart Battery Enterprise Vision AESC, Vision Intelligence to develop the world's leading intelligent IoT operating system, and Vision Virgin Electric Formula team. The vision continues to promote wind power and photovoltaic power into "new coal", batteries and hydrogen fuel into "new oil", and smart Internet of things into "new Electroweb", creating a better zero-carbon world.

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