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BYD will supply blade batteries to Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz * Tesla purchases low-carbon nickel
Sep 15,2020 13:25CST
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[BYD will supply blade batteries to Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler H shares rose 11%] according to media reports on September 15, BYD will supply blade batteries to Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler. The company's H shares rose 11.46% to quote HK $96.3. It is rumored that representatives of Daimler (Daimler AG) visited the Fudi Blade Battery Factory of BYD, conducted a rigorous and detailed on-site audit of the module production line of the Pack manufacturing department, and approved the technical level, rapid response capability and automated production level of Fudi batteries.

[Tesla launched battery recycling service Musk said 50, 000 yuan to replace new batteries] recently, Tesla officially announced that he plans to launch the battery recycling service, and that the recovered lithium-ion battery packs will be disposed of and recycled by designated factories. Promise that the waste batteries will not be disposed of in landfills. Prior to this, Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly said that Tesla's power battery life is about 300000-500000 km. If it needs to be replaced, the battery price varies according to different models, ranging from $3000 to $7000.

[Tesla is negotiating with a Canadian mining company to purchase low-carbon nickel] Tesla is reportedly in talks with Canadian mining company Giga Metals on the development of a large mine that could supply Tesla with low-carbon nickel. "View details

[Renault: future production of two new all-electric SUV] A few days ago, overseas media reported that Renault plans to launch two new all-electric SUV models in the future to cater to the recent organizational restructuring of the brand. At the same time, Renault said it would refocus on the "C-segment" (European standard compact car) market. "View details

[Hainan Province optimizes and adjusts the peak-valley time-of-use electricity price policy of electric vehicles] the Development and Reform Commission of Hainan Province issued a circular on September 14, deciding to optimize and adjust the peak-valley time-of-use electricity price policy for electric vehicles. The electricity consumption of electric vehicle charging facilities will implement the peak-valley time-of-use electricity price policy according to their location, and the peak-valley price difference will remain unchanged. The adjusted peak-valley electricity price policy for electric vehicles will be implemented from December 1. According to the newly released TOU electricity meter for electric vehicle charging facilities in Hainan Province, if the voltage level of residential electricity consumption is less than 1 kilovolt, the electricity price during the peak period is 1.0333 yuan per kilowatt-hour, and that during the valley period is 0.3189 yuan per kilowatt-hour. The usual period is 0.6295 yuan per kilowatt-hour. If the voltage level is 1 kilovolt or more, the electricity price is 1.0003 yuan per kilowatt-hour during peak period, 0.3089 yuan per kilowatt-hour during valley period and 0.6095 yuan per kilowatt-hour at ordinary time.

[Sichuan: speeding up the Construction of New Energy vehicle charging facilities] recently, the General Office of the Sichuan Provincial Government issued the Sichuan Provincial Action Plan for accelerating the Construction of New Infrastructure (2020-2022). It is clear that it is necessary to speed up the construction of new energy vehicle charging infrastructure network system.

[Yunnan: 200000 new charging piles built by the end of 2021] recently, the Yunnan Energy Bureau issued the notice of Yunnan Energy Bureau on doing a good job in the construction of charging infrastructure from 2020 to 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). According to the notice, Yunnan plans to build 200000 charging piles (including private charging piles) by the end of 2021; among them, 10, 000 public charging piles are planned to be built throughout the province in 2020 and 16000 in 2021. In addition to charging piles, Yunnan also plans to build 14 replacement power stations in 2020 and 26 in 2021, of which Kunming is the focus of construction, undertaking 11 replacement power stations in 2020 and 13 in 2021.

"2020 (second) China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum"

It was solemnly held in Shanghai from September 17 to 18.

During the reform period of the "four modernizations of the automobile", intelligent network connection, new energy, lightweight and intelligent manufacturing entered the field of the automobile industry, and the automobile era was reinterpreted. The surging changes require the industry to continue to integrate and innovate, and quickly promote the development rate of automobile enterprises. With the emergence of self-driving and intelligent cars, Internet companies, which are not active in the automotive field, have more opportunities to show their talents; the double points policy is becoming an important driving force for the development of China's new energy vehicle industry; in the face of environmental constraints, car companies speed up the application of advanced lightweight components and technologies to achieve vehicle weight loss. With the continuous promotion of the strategies of "Industrial 4.0" and "made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing has become a new challenge of upgrading and transformation.

Under the guidance of the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission and the Shanghai Federation of Industrial economy, in order to accelerate the application of automobile lightweight and product lines, the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, together with Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society, Suzhou Die casting Technology Association and Shanghai Nonferrous Network, jointly held the "2020 (second) China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum". Jointly discuss material solutions, co-casting automobile industry chain green development closed loop, and strive to build an excellent communication and cooperation platform for the whole automobile industry chain, and lead the creation of advanced automobile industry clusters.

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