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Lay the foundation for sales Tesla deploy V3 charging stations in Germany
Sep 14,2020 14:50CST
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SMM News: according to reports, a few days ago, Tesla deployed a new V3 super charging station in Berlin, Germany, which is equipped with 12 super charging piles. Tesla promised to deploy more such charging stations across Europe in the future to support its business growth in Europe.

Europe has become the most popular market for electric cars after China, and Tesla is building his world's fourth super factory in Berlin, which will produce batteries, powertrain and Model Y. The plant is expected to start production in July 2021, when Tesla will achieve localized production and sales in Germany, contributing to its sales growth.

For electric vehicles, the construction of infrastructure is also very important if car owners are to have no worries about using the car. At present, Tesla has 1971 super charging stations and 17467 super charging piles around the world. Tesla plans to deliver more than 500000 electric vehicles this year, and hopes to achieve annual sales of 1 million vehicles as soon as possible. In order to achieve this goal as soon as possible, Tesla is expected to speed up the construction of his charging piles.

Editor's comments:

After the Model 3 was made in China, its sales began to soar, which was not only the localized production of the Shanghai factory, but also benefited from the construction of Tesla's charging infrastructure in the Chinese market. According to statistics, Tesla launched 23 supercharging stations in 15 cities in China in August, adding a total of 204supercharging piles. For the whole of this year, Tesla plans to build 4000 supercharging piles in China. This has laid the foundation for its market expansion in China, and judging from Tesla's current move, it is clear that he hopes to replicate the successful experience in the Chinese market to the rest of the world.

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