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Φ 18mm rebar was successfully rolled in batch for the first time in Beiying Rolling Plant of Benxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Sep 14,2020 13:32CST
Source:Benxi steel
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SMM: a few days ago, Beiying Rolling Mill successfully rolled national standard seismic rebar HRB400E Φ 18mm rebar in batches for the first time, overcoming the problem of rolling the limit specification rebar product per unit production line in one fell swoop. After inspection, the size of the product is qualified, the surface quality is good, all the performance indicators meet the requirements, and the qualified rate of the first inspection performance reaches 100%, which marks a new breakthrough in the production of the limit specification products of Benxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and adds new strength for the enterprise to expand the market.

The Φ 18mm rebar produced this time belongs to the limit specification rebar within the design scope, which is mainly used in construction bodies such as buildings, bridges, tunnels and airports in major cities in China, and belongs to the products with grade requirements for anti-Earthquake. Because of its great difficulty in performance control, stable heating temperature, high requirements for steel bar size and poor yield performance, and great difficulty in batch production, this product is also a comprehensive test of rolling mill technology, operation level and equipment accuracy.

In order to ensure the success of a trial rolling, the factory organizes professional and technical personnel to overcome the difficulties of basic product data and lack of experience, hold special meetings for many times to study the rolling plan, optimize the key points of the steel rolling process, improve the process control ability, further optimize the process operation, strengthen process monitoring, strictly control the temperature control system and air-cooled water cooling system, and control every process production link and critical control point. Regional responsible persons and supervisors are determined to ensure the effective implementation of the rolling process and to achieve trial rolling and batch production in the shortest possible time. At present, the highest daily output is 2481 tons, and the comprehensive yield is 101.2%. The contract delivery task has been successfully completed and the market competitiveness of enterprises has been further enhanced.

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