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Zijin Mining helps schools around the Serbian project resume classes.
Sep 14,2020 10:13CST
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SMM: on Sept. 1, Serbian Zijin Copper Industry and Serbian Zijin Mining Organization went to three schools: Bohr Mechanical and Electrical School, Bohr Economic and Trade School, and Polastankovich Middle School, and sent 2000 medical masks and 80 bottles of disinfectant to teachers and students to help the school resume classes.

At present, most of the local schools in Boer carry out teaching activities by means of teaching in batches and online teaching. The school expressed sincere gratitude to Zijin for its care and help, saying that it will make the best use of things and do a good job in campus epidemic prevention and control; it will strengthen cooperation between schools and enterprises and arrange for students to practice in enterprises according to the needs of enterprises. let students better understand Zijin and introduce Zijin to meet the needs of enterprises for talents in the process of development.

Since the beginning of this year, the Serbian Zijin Copper Industry has recruited a total of 115 interns from local schools in Boer.

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