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10% increase in production capacity Panasonic builds a new production line for Tesla
Sep 14,2020 08:29CST
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SMM: a few days ago, Panasonic revealed that it will add another production line to the Tesla Gigafactory 1 factory, which is Panasonic's 14th production line in the factory, which will increase the factory's production capacity by about 10%. At this stage, the production capacity of Tesla Gigafactory 1 factory is about 35GWh.

According to Panasonic's plan, the new technology will increase the energy density of the 21700 batteries supplied to Tesla by 5 per cent, and Panasonic is confident it will increase it to 20 per cent within five years. Panasonic executives in charge of Tesla battery business in the United States said to the outside world that they will achieve commercial landing of cobalt-free batteries within 2-3 years.

It is reported that the main reason for the new production line is that Tesla's global sales of electric vehicles continue to grow, in order to further meet its demand for electric vehicle production. At present, LG Chemistry and Ningde Times have also become the latest suppliers of Tesla in China, but Tesla still relies more on Panasonic's battery supply.

Earlier, Panasonic invested $1.7 billion in Tesla's Gigafactory 1 plant. In June, the two sides also signed a three-year pricing agreement to lock in price, capacity and quantity by 2023.

Editor's comments:

In 2019, Musk also bombarded Panasonic, accusing it of failing to operate at full capacity, causing bottlenecks to factory capacity. The plant's expansion of capacity could boost vehicle delivery in the future. In addition, on Tesla's "Battery Day" on September 22nd, the details of his million-mile battery will be officially announced to the public, not only the production capacity, but also a new breakthrough in battery mileage. We speculate that Tesla's battery demand for electric vehicles will further increase in the future.

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