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The index of new energy minibuses issued by Beijing has been announced by the finalists.
Sep 11,2020 13:10CST
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SMM: a few days ago, we learned from the official website of Beijing minibus index regulation and management information system that the integral ranking of "one-time additional household new energy minibus indicators" was over, and the list of finalists was announced at the same time. This time, the total points of households in the order of points are up to 228 points, and the finalists of 20,000 new energy indicators have been announced.


According to the allocation process of one-time additional issuance indicators, each audit unit completed the review of the qualification of family applicants on September 10, and sorted the families who passed the qualification examination according to their points. Family applicants can log in to the system account to check. The scores and ranking of the top 20,000 applicants have been posted on the website of the minibus index control management information system. According to the next work flow, the public security population management department and the civil affairs department will carry out family member kinship verification on the top 20,000 families ranked in the order of points, and the results are expected to be fed back before September 30. During this period, the shortlisted families should check the relevant information in time and cooperate with the audit unit to submit supplementary materials as needed.

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