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[SMM investigation] the import of nickel sulfate raw materials is impacted to a certain extent by the implementation of the new solid waste method.
Sep 10,2020 16:50CST
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SMM9: starting from September 1, the Law of the people's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental pollution by solid waste (referred to as the New solid waste Law) has been formally implemented. The solid waste Law consists of 9 chapters and 126 articles, including 41 articles and 65 changes compared with the original law, adding chapters on "safeguard measures", deleting inapplicable clauses or words, and adjusting the structure of the provisions. Expanding the content of management, establishing a new management system, increasing the types of fines, increasing the intensity of punishment, and increasing the amount of punishment are known as "the most stringent repeal law in history".

With regard to import, Article 24 of the Law stipulates that the state shall gradually achieve zero import of solid waste, which shall be organized and implemented by the competent department of ecological environment under the State Council in conjunction with the competent departments of commerce, development and reform, and customs of the State Council. This content is consistent with the goal of "basically achieving zero import of solid waste by the end of 2020" put forward by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and enterprises need to pay close attention to the dynamic adjustment of relevant policies.

If it is illegal to import solid waste, the law stipulates that for various illegal acts of solid waste, in addition to ordering the return of the solid waste, the fine shall be raised from not less than 50, 000 yuan to not more than 500000 yuan and not more than 1 million yuan to not less than 500000 yuan and less than 5 million yuan, and other illegal acts such as the transfer of hazardous waste without approval, Fines and administrative detention shall be imposed on legal representatives, principal responsible persons, persons directly in charge and other responsible persons in accordance with the law, and enterprises will have to bear more and heavier consequences if they break the law.

According to SMM research, after the introduction of the new solid waste law, the current inspection cycle for imported waste can be extended to 21 days, and the import of nickel-containing waste is also reduced. The supply end of nickel sulfate raw material is mainly nickel-containing waste, nickel wet intermediate and nickel bean / powder. due to the long-standing shortage of domestic nickel waste market, there is a certain demand for foreign waste import in the nickel sulfate market. The new solid waste law landed, the amount of imported nickel waste is reduced, which is expected to have a certain impact on the supply end of nickel sulfate raw material.

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