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Dalian Customs seized 149.2 tons of "foreign garbage" as prohibited solid waste.
Sep 10,2020 16:43CST
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SMM: on Sept. 7, Dayaowan Customs, which belongs to Dalian Customs, seized 149.2 tons of "foreign garbage".

When the customs officer inspected a batch of goods imported from abroad named sub-zinc oxide, they found that it was gray-black powder with a small amount of silver particles and scum, which was suspected to be prohibited from importing solid waste in our country, so they were immediately sampled and submitted for inspection. Through the attribute analysis and identification of the solid waste of the sample, the zinc oxide content of the sample does not meet the limit requirements of the standard, and is identified as a zinc dust collection produced by smelting process containing zinc, copper and other wastes. does not meet the national, local or industry standards for the production of substituted raw materials, the goods are determined to be prohibited from import of solid waste.

At present, the case has been handed over to the relevant departments for further processing.

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Foreign garbage
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