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[today's Nickel Market] Nickel prices have fallen sharply, enquiries are active, Indonesia Earthquake Nickel Iron and Steel Factory has no impact for the time being.
Sep 9,2020 14:41CST
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Nickel futures fell nearly 2000 yuan / ton last night due to the plunge in crude oil prices, and nickel prices hovered below 117000 yuan / ton in the morning market today. Due to the sharp drop in nickel prices, downstream inquiry activity is more positive, but the actual transaction situation is still limited, trading volume has not significantly picked up, most traders trading volume is basically the same compared with the previous two days, Russian nickel trading is better than Jinchuan nickel. Quotation, the Russian nickel morning market opened some traders reported October-200 yuan / ton, but in order to promote transactions gradually reduced, soon the market almost uniform quotation in 10 contracts-300 yuan / ton. Jinchuan nickel rising water continues to rise, with 10 contracts rising water at 1500-1600 yuan / ton, and Jinchuan ex-factory price at 118000 yuan / ton, which is about 1300-1400 yuan / ton higher than the market price. Jinchuan rising water is expected to remain firm in the future. As for nickel beans, there are few deals today, with prices ranging from 600 to 400 yuan / ton for 10 contracts.

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According to reports, the Euro-Mediterranean Earthquake Center released KuaiBao, and Grade 5.3 Earthquake occurred in Tarau County, Indonesia. It is reported that Indonesia's Nitalauqun Island County is a county in Indonesia's North Sulawesi Province, located in the Tarau Islands northeast of the Minahasa Peninsula, is the northernmost county in eastern Indonesia. According to the preliminary understanding of SMM, there is no impact on the production of local nickel and iron plants in Indonesia at present.

"[sudden] Earthquake Nickel Iron Plant in Tarau County, Indonesia has no impact for the time being.

[suspected Shizuishan City Ecological Environment Bureau "100 days Action" document released] at present, it is rumored in the market that the Pingluo Branch of Shizuishan City Ecological Environment Bureau, the park management committee presided over a 100-day action promotion meeting for the prevention and control of air pollution, requiring carbon and activated carbon enterprises in Pingluo Park to limit production by 50%, and ferroalloy enterprises to limit production by 30%. However, according to the sources of all sides of this network, the production of silicon and manganese is normal for the time being. The offer price of silicon and manganese in the north is concentrated in the range of 6100-6200 yuan / ton, and the enthusiasm of the factory is not high. 2101 contract trend is fierce, the current highest price to 6656, the follow-up focus on the actual pricing of steel and manganese ore reaction.

It is suspected that the document of "100-day Action" of Shizuishan Ecological Environment Bureau has been released.


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